Provide The Lamb

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 18:1-14
Never question God's timing or plans. Abraham never questioned His request to sacrifice Issac. Jesus obeyed His Father to be sacrificed on the cross for the sins of the world. A conversation between a senior and a junior angel. They discuss sacrifice and how it applies to God's trust and timing. We must believe there is a Master Plan for everything. Sometimes our limited knowledge and vision keeps us from seeing and understanding the big picture.

This drama will involve 2 actors, could be male or female. The Senior angel should be older than the Junior Angel, but this is not a necessity.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Junior and Senior angel enter, stage left.
Senior: Like I say, if there is ever anything that is bothering you, you know that I am here to talk with.
Junior, (smiling): I know, thanks.
Senior: I am really feeling that there is something you are struggling with.
Junior: Now that you ask, yes, there is something.
Senior: Well, can I try and help?
Junior: I know I should probably know this already, ‘cause I’ve been up here a while now, but there is something I just don’t understand.
Senior: I have been up here a lot longer than you, and believe me, understanding doesn’t always come immediately. (Pauses.) I’m listening.
Junior: It’s this whole sacrifice thing between Abraham and Isaac. I just don’t understand how anyone can do this!
Senior: It is not for anyone to understand.
Junior: Huh?
Senior: When God gives us a commandment, He wants to see whether or not we follow His wishes. God commanded Abraham to offer his son, Isaac, as a sacrifice. I am quite sure Abraham does not understand God’s reasoning, in fact I am sure Abraham may even question God’s motives. But God has an ultimate course for us all. That’s why we should never doubt God or His plans for us. You will see – God has things all worked out.
Senior motions with his arm for Junior to look to offstage right. The spotlight offstage will come up, both actors should be looking at this light while speaking.
Junior: There they are! There is Abraham and Isaac right now!

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