Sunrise Surprise

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 20:1-10

Nancy Anderson of Westoak Woods Baptist Church in Texas said:

Thank you for this wonderful script.  Our worship director thinks it's perfect just as I do.  We plan to do it at our Easter Sunrise service,

Theme:            Leaders (pastors) are preparing to lead their congregation in an Easter Sunday morning service. But they haven’t hear the news: Jesus has arisen from the grave.
Suddenly Mary, (mother of Jesus), and John, (the apostle), rush into the church to tell the news. Obviously, the leaders can’t believe their ears.
Useful for Easter Sunday, Easter Sunrise service or at any time of year.

Bible Reference:         John 20:1-10


Cast:                4
Pastor1 (P1)
Pastor2 (P2)
Mary, mother of Jesus
John, apostle


Set:                  blank


Sound:             standard


Costumes:       May & John would likely, (although not necessarily), be traditionally dressed


Time:             7


Sample of Script:


Pastor1 & Pastor2 come onstage speaking, very sad and solemn


P1:                   I have never felt so defeated.


P2:                   No idea why we are here . . . I mean, why bother?


P1:                   I really thought he was the one.


P2:                   Just one more disappointment! . . . I guess we always knew, too good to be true.


P1:                   The people here are waiting to hear news. . .  What are we to say?


P2:                   We can’t lie to them, they need to know the truth.


P1:                   You know something? . . .  At this point I don’t know what is truth . .  or if truth really exists any more.


P2:                   You know I really, really did believe. . . I really thought he was the one.


P1:                   We should have known by now, after all the years of high expectations, one false hope after another, followed by the bitter truth.


P2:                   Thing is . . . it just seemed so real this time! . . . He was, I don’t know, just so . . . real!


P1:                   I think the part that bothers me the most is . . . it’s our job to let everyone know the bitter truth.


P2:                   I guess, but . . . could we be mistaken? . .  Could Friday’s events be just a . .  a bad dream?


P1:                   It’s been 2 days. . . . Even the worst dreams don’t last 2 days. . . . And besides, you saw it, I saw it, we saw it with our own eyes.


P2:                   Regardless, we are here, they expect . . . something.


P1:                   At times like these I think we need to keep things kind of . . . normal.


P2:                   Normal? . . . Has there been anything normal in the last week?


P1:                   Well we can’t just stand here, they deserve  . .  something.


P2:                   You always open with a song.


P1:                   Yes, I planned for this morning we sing “Emmanuel.”


P2:                   Ok, let’s do that then.


P1:                   “Emmanuel?” . . . . “God with us?”


P2:                   Wait, maybe not a good choice. . . . . But we can’t just stand here, the people expect . . . something.


P1:                   Something? . . . Any ideas?


P2:                   Well, if not a song then . . . what else do you do? . . . Wait. . . What about a prayer? . . . That is what the people would expect, after all.


P1 moves downstage, assume prayerful look


P1:       Dear God, we thank you that . . .
(pauses, thinks)

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