The Only Commission

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 1:1-11

Theme:            The boss is back after a three day absence, but not back to stay. He is leaving a handful of people with the big job of reaching the whole world with the message about their product. But he is leaving someone, (a kind of Comforter you might say), to assist them.
A contemporary way of looking at the ascension, Pentecost and the Great Commission.


Bible Reference:          Acts 1:1-11, Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 24:44-53


Cast:                3
Jessie, male, (also plays Comforter to show they are one and the same)
Jamie, (m or f)
Andy (m or f)


Set, Sound:      standard


Costumes:       normal except Jessie has a choir gown, (preferably white), worn over clothing when Jessie takes on the role of Comforter


Time:              7


Sample of script:           


Jessie, Jamie & Andy come on stage


Jamie:             I am gonna tell you Jessie, it’s great to have you back here with us.


Andy:             We for sure were worried, you suddenly left the business, and we were like . . . who’s running the place, who’s making the decisions.


Jessie:            Look people, how many times did I tell you! . .  I told you I would be gone three days, and I was.


Andy:             I know, I know, you told us Jessie, guess in the excitement it kinda slipped our minds a bit.


Jamie:             Which all doesn’t matter now . .  you are back where you belong! . . .  All’s well!


Jessie:            Matter of fact, it does matter Jamie. . . . See thing is I am going up to Home Office to work with my Father.


Andy, shock:  Whaaattttt? . . .  You are doing what?


Jamie:             Who’s dumb idea is this anyhow?


Jessie:            Well, fact is its my Father’s idea, and I would be careful calling my Father’s ideas dumb. As I recall its his name on your paycheck. . . . And for the record . .  I fully support my Father’s plan.


Jamie:             Begging your pardon Jessie but really, has this plan been thought through?


Jessie:            It has been the plan since the first day this place was created.


Andy:             But with all you management people moving to Home Office . .  who’s here driving the ship.


Jamie:             Jamie’s right Jessie! . .  With no one in charge this business will for sure go south!


Jessie:            I am leaving management to very qualified, dedicated people, no worries there.


Andy:             Oh sure, someone new! . . . This here has been your baby from square one, no one else can possibly do what you’ve done!


Jamie:             Andy’s right Jessie. . . . You have the power and the knowledge to steer the ship. I suppose you expect someone else can go and work with a failed company, breathe life into it, back on its feet, making money? No one but you can do that Jessie!


Jessie:            All the things I have done all over this region you can do, and more.


Andy:             “We can do?” . . . Hey wait up here . . . Us guys are good enough at what we do but . .  no way we can manage this project!


Jessie:            Like I said, you will carry the business, not just here in the region, but worldwide!


Jamie:             “Worldwide?” . . . You have got to be kidding!


Andy:             Begging your pardon, I don’t think you have thought this through Jessie.


Jessie:            Begging your pardon . . . you are saying . . .  I . . . . haven’t thought this through?
Tell me Andy, how long have you been with me?


Andy:             Well, let’s see, been likely 3 years or so.


Jessie:            You’re right Andy. In that time can you remember me not thinking things through?


Andy:             Sorry Jessie, look I didn’t mean to say that you . . .


Jessie:            No Andy, you look . . . and you Jamie too! . . . I love the both of you like brothers. But my Father’s plan has been in place since the very beginning. And that plan included you two and also Pete and Tom and Mary and all of the rest.
(firmly) There is no Plan B, understood?

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