Live From The City Gates

  • Cast Number: 12
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 19:28-44

Theme:            This skit is current day, but the plot is Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
And the townspeople, the military, the politicians and the media are on hand for the show. Wolf Blizterstien of JNN (Jerusalem News Network) is out to get the scoop on what is coming down.
Includes (optional) opportunity to invite congregation for Sunrise Service


Bible Reference:         


Cast:                12+, (except for Jesus, could be m or f)
(WB) of JNN
Zealot 1
Zealot 2
Drug abuser
Seeker of Healing
Prof. Dr, Susan Smart (DrS) (Expert political analyzer)
Mysterious Woman
Roman Soldier I (RS1) (Commander)
Roman Soldier 2 (RS2)
Roman Soldier 3 (RS3)
PLUS crowd, (no spoken lines)


Set:                  likely bare but could be dressed up


Sound:             standard


Costumes:       could be traditional or contemporary
Soldiers should be dressed in military garb


Props:              palm branches, cell phones, notepad, camera, swords


Time:              20


Sample of script:


WB:                 Ladies and gentleman I am Wolf Bliztersien  of JNN. We are live at the city gates of Jerusalem where I am told that this man, Jesus, will shortly be entering. You can see the crowds are gathering. Here he comes now.


all except soldiers crowd around,  Zealots chanting “Go King Jesus” pump fists in the air

Drug abuser, seeker of healing, mysterious woman hold cell phones, cheering “Hosanna!”

Peter politely trying to keep people away from Jesus


Drug abuser, takes selfie with Jesus:
Totally posting this on Face Book!


Jesus and Peter exit stage


WB:                 Well that was quite the entrance. We are now going to see people’s reactions to this and try to answer the question, “Just who is Jesus?”


WB looks at Zealots who take turns chanting, repeat twice


Zealot1:           Take down Rome!


Zealot2:           Restore the power to Israel!


WB, to Zealot1:          
And who are you?


Zealot1:           We are zealots, here to fight with Jesus, against the Roman oppressors.


WB:                 So, you are saying Jesus is a Revolutionary Leader?


Zealot2:           Yes, he is. The way to peace is through the sword of God!


WB, confused: You do know that the Romans have the largest army in history. Do you really think you will have the military power to overthrow the Romans?


Zealot 1:          By ourselves? . .  No. . .  But Jesus will bring in an army of angels who will rain down fire from heaven upon the Roman soldiers!


WB, confused:            
OK then, good luck with that.


Zealots chant twice more


WB, approaches drug addict:
Who do you say Jesus is?


Drug addict:    Man, he is trippy man.  . . He is like a magician, man.
He like, totally made water into wine, man.
(laughs nervously)
And another time, man, he like made a ton of food from just a few fishes and loaves, man.


WB:                 That is amazing, indeed.


Drug Addict:   Dude, I will tell you what is cool. Even if you over do it, he can totally raise you from the dead, man.


WB:                 Raise from the dead? Remarkable man this Jesus.


Drug Addict:   He is a totally righteous dude!


WB, moves to woman seeking healing:          
Why are you following Jesus?


Woman:           I am here to ask him to heal my husband.


WB:                 Jesus heals?


Woman:           Yes, there was a blind man and he gave him sight. There were a bunch of lepers and he cured them, I know he can heal my husband.


WB:                 He sounds like a doctor. Which health insurance plans does he accept?


Woman:           Doesn’t matter what you have, Medicare, no insurance, he doesn’t even ask for a payment.  


WB:                 Wow, well thank you for your time. Hard to believe there is a doctor that doesn’t even ask for a co-pay.


WB, pauses, hand over ear, listening:           
I am being told that we have an expert political analyst sent from the Temple, an expert in Religious Law, she will shed some light on who Jesus is.


moves to DrS


WB:                 Professor Dr. Susan Smart, thank you for joining us. What do you make of this Jesus and his campaign?


DrS:                He is some backwoods want-to-be preacher, seeking his 15 minutes of fame.

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