Forgiven, but Not Forgotten

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 1:6-7

God has the amazing ability to forgive our sins and never bring up the subject again. How do we as humans overcome our "natural instinct" to forgive, but not forget?

Sample of script:

Scene opens as Amy and Sue enter stage left. The begin talking to each other as soon as they appear on stage.

Amy: All I know, is that she can forget ever borrowing anything again!

Sue: Really? You are that upset with her?

Amy: Well, wouldn’t you be? I mean if someone who called you her best friend decided one day to inform the entire 11th grade that I was no longer dating Jeff Braxman, I think you’d deserve to be a little troubled to say the least!

Sue: Yeah, but I thought you and Sue talked it over. Joanne knew she was wrong in telling the class’ biggest blabbermouth about you and Jeff, and she apologized for it! I thought you had forgiven her!

Amy: Well, of course I forgive her! I mean, I am not going to let little miss big mouth get me in the bad books (pointing up) upstairs with you-know-who! I don’t want Him to hold not forgiving Joanne against me forever! Sure, I’ll forgive her, but you can bet there is no way I am going to forget this little incident ever happened.

Sue, sarcastically: Sounds like you really took Pastor Ken’s sermon on forgiveness to heart!

Amy: Hey, she’s the one who wronged me! I am just making sure she doesn’t do it again anytime soon!

Sue: Wait a minute, I thought that you and Jeff did break up!

Amy, defensively: Temporarily! Only temporarily! Don’t change the subject! The point is, Joanne had no business blabbing that top-secret information to the world!

Amy and Sue continue to chat as Joanne and Eric enter stage right. Joanne and Eric do not notice Amy and Sue right away.

Eric: I think you are making a big deal out of nothing, Joanne! I mean, Amy said that she had forgiven you, right?

Joanne: Yeah.

Eric: So what’s the problem? As long as someone has forgiven you, then the problem is erased!

Joanne, worried: I don’t know, Eric. I mean you don’t know Amy as well as I do. She has a tendency to, well, hold a grudge!

Eric: I think you’re worried about nothing!

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