You Are Their Bible

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 7 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 13:35
The only Bible some people may read is in your life.
When it comes down to outreach the real key is “you”. This drama tells how in the eyes of those around you, they seeing walking, talking examples of being a Christian in what you say and do, especially when you didn’t realize you were being watched, or listened to.

Sample of script:

Tracy is sitting at a table on stage lavishly painting a picture, holds it up to the side so that audience can see it, is very impressed

Tracy: Now this is good! I mean like this is . . . wayyyyyyyyyyy good! I am so impressed with this painting of mine, I mean it's . . . wowwwww!

Sam and Doreen come on stage, talking

Sam, to Doreen: Yah like I say Doreen, I would really like you to come to my church with me, Pastor Ron is leading the Bible study and he is like an awesome discussion leader. (notices Tracy) Hey there Tracy, good to see you man! (to Doreen) Doreen, this here is Tracy, Tracy goes to my church too. (to Tracy) Will you be at Bible study tonight Tracy?

Tracy, amazed: Like I am gonna miss Ron’s Bible study, I mean Ron is like awesome!

Sam, to Doreen: Isn't that what I told you Doreen? (to Tracy) I invited Doreen to come to come to Bible study.

Tracy: Hey that would be way good, hope to see you there Doreen.

Sam, looks at Tracy’s painting: So whatcha doin’ here Tracy?

Tracy: Isn't it awesome? I am painting a lovely picture for the covers of Bibles we are handing out at Bible study. Everyone will want a Bible when they see the covers I have painted for them.

Sam, not convinced: Well, I guess . . .

Tracy: You guess? You mean you don’t like my painting?

Sam: Oh, no question, I love the painting, likely the best painting I have ever seen in my whole life, but . . .

Tracy, frowns: “But” what?

Sam: Well, it's just that I personally believe we will get a lot more mileage outta my medallions.

Tracy: Medallions? What's medallions?

Sam: Well, see, I designed these really knockout medallions, see here, (holds up medallions) . . .

Tracy: They look OK I guess but what's that got to do with my painting, and people wanting Bibles and all?

Sam: Well see, thing is . . I designed these medallions to decorate the Bibles we hand out, so that folks will for sure want to have a Bible. I am convinced with these medallions on the cover folks will like be real crazy about the Bibles.

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