Being a Candle to the World

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 5:16

Church group are planning outreach, being a light to the world, but some think it may be more politically correct to be a candle to the world. That way we can be “low key” in our witnessing so that we don’t offend anyone, (and more importantly don’t embarrass ourselves in front of people who might know us). Lukewarm water anyone?

Sample of script:

group of actors come on stage, talking

Phil: . . . so I just said to Martha, look if you don’t get the joke do you think it would help if I dressed as a penguin?

Phil laughs hysterically, all others kind of nervous laugh, not understanding the joke

Margaret: Well, anyhow, best we get started. Good that everyone came, tonight we want to plan our “Light to the World” community outreach.

Terry: Anyone see Tom? I am sure Tom will no way miss this meeting; I mean Tom was way excited about this outreach, hasn’t talked of anything else in weeks!

Sam: Isn't it great the way Tom has responded since he became a Christian? I mean he fires me up with his enthusiasm!

Phil: Well, that’s the way with those new Christians, isn’t it? They kinda go off rushin’ here, rushin’ there telling everybody who will listen about Christianity . . and tellin’ a whole buncha people that don’t want to hear about it too.

Terry: Well, is that like bad? I mean, isn’t that what we want to do, tell everyone about Jesus?

Phil: Hey sure, and let me tell ya, I talk Christianity with outsiders as much as the next guy, but I use common sense in who I tell.

Terry: Outsiders?

Phil: Ya, like, guys who aren’t goin’ to church.

Terry: You mean witnessing to non-Christians?

Phil: Terry, look, it's nice seein’ you excited about bein’ a part of our outreach and all, but I gotta caution you, outsiders don’t like the tags some of the church folks use . . like witnessin’ and non-Christians and stuff like that.

Terry: Well what do you suggest we say when we talk to them about Jesus?

Phil: Well one for-sure thing is don’t go usin’ the “Jesus” word too soon, offends folks is what. Wait ‘til they’ve been in church for a year or two, then it's usually safe to use the “Jesus” word. . . . mostly.

Margaret, looks at Phil, frowns, goes on: Speaking of outreach, did everyone hand out the four study Bibles you each were given at the last meeting?

Sam: Sure did, I could have used two or three more . .

Terry: Could we get more tonight, I have some guys on our street I would like to . . .

Phil: ‘Fraid I am just not too comfortable with that handin’ out Bibles to just anyone . . puts people off is what it does.

Margaret: So you didn’t hand out your Bibles Phil?

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