Graffiti Everywhere

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 1:8
When being instructed to “take the message “everywhere” somehow the signals get lost or misinterpreted. A message that is entirely the Great Commission somehow gets lost in the translation . . maybe sounds familiar huh?

This drama was performed in state wide competition by New Life Community Church, Oshkosh, WI, and was chosen for the national competition in Charlotte, NC in August! Congratulations Zack Pawlosky and team!

Cast: 9 (m or f)
1: Indifferent and content to wonder
2: Sarcastic and totally indifferent
3: Kind of a “smart aleck”
4: In their own world, but understands that everywhere is being talked about
5: A female who panics and faints at everything
6: A 60s hippie type
7: Just is
8: A dreamer
9: Tries to think clearly

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: a banner with “Acts 1:8 EVERYWHERE”

Special Instructions: This starts and ends with a scene somewhat similar to the opening and closing scenes from a play called Waiting for Godot. Two of the characters, 1 and 2, were roughly based on Vladimir and Estragon. Just their sarcasm and indifference, but it basically ends there. Throughout this short sketch there is confusing guesswork on the part of actors, along with some bizarre behavior. But there are also small hints as to the need for Jesus in our lives, like mentions of demons, possession, oppression, sickness, the need for healing, great physician, etc. But the cast is more interested in the graffiti, and not the people. But that’s how life is, and at the end, even after knowing and understanding the Great Commission, two actors, as many people are wont to do, still do nothing.
My concept of writing this was that they congregate, staring at the banner, like a group of guys watching the Super Bowl on TV. They are so into looking at the banner, that all the other stuff is acknowledged, but they barely even look at it, like the girl that faints. Yeah, she needs help, but it isn’t my problem.
Character number 4 was written with a guy in mind, but when it was first done, a girl did the part. It was very clever, because Actor 4 basically does a “guy type of thing,” constantly quoting song lyrics or movie scenes. We tend to not think twice when guys do that, but a female made it a little more interesting, I thought.
The cast can be trimmed down and of course lines combined to suit your needs, and the only one written as gender specific was 5. But it could be funny if it’s a guy who screams and faints. Just be sure and change any references by other characters, like “he,” etc.

Sample of script:

Scene opens with Actor 1, seated on the floor, looking confused... he is in fact staring at a banner that simply reads ...EVERYWHERE... Acts 1:8. Actor 2 enters talking.

2: So, there you are, again.

1: Am I?

2: I searched everywhere for you. I thought you were gone forever.

1: Me too.

Actor 3 enters

2: So how have you spent your time?

1: I’ve been here contemplating this graffiti.

3: I thought you were waiting for a sign from God.

2: He found graffiti instead.

1: Everywhere... what do you think it means?

3: It means somebody wasted good paint. How should I know?

Actor 4 enters

4: Hello, I’m Johnny Cash... I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere, man, crossed the deserts bare, man, I've breathed the mountain air, man...

2: You’ve never been out of your own town, much less everywhere.
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