Go Fly a Kite

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Job 33:14

Imagine what it would be like to have an informal, friendly one-on-one chat with God, just . . . chatting.
And what if God told you to go fly a kite?
Fact is, God wants to speak with us, and He does speak . . unfortunately we aren’t real good at hearing His voice, or getting into the “God chatting” mode.

Used very successfuly for a "Grandma's VBS Program.

Cast: 2
actor and offstage voice of God (VOG)

Set, costumes, lighting, sound: standard

Props: newspaper

Sample of script:

actor comes on stage, reads at newspaper, gets bored, stretching, looks around, looks upward

Actor: Wow, what a nothing day!
Think I will just go to bed for the day.
Might as well do the whole nine yards, do my prayers, maybe not get up until tomorrow some time.
OK then . . . might as well get ready . . .

actor assumes a “praying” look and stance, folds hands and looks upward

Actor: Our Father . . .
VOG: Hi Tim, (or whatever name).
Actor, annoyed: Those Anderson kids down the hall, always making racket when I am trying . . . OK, let’s try this again. . . .
(“praying” again)
Our Father . .
VOG: Hi Tim.
Actor, annoyed: OK, I have had about enough, who is that?
VOG: It’s me.
Actor, confused: “Me”?
VOG: Me.
Actor: As in . ..?
VOG: The I Am, God, the one you seem to like to refer to as your heavenly father.
Actor: Wow! . . Talking to me? . . . You mean you can do that?
VOG: You are forgetting, I am . .
Actor: Of course, you are . . God. . . . How silly of me, of course you can do, like, whatever you want to, whenever you want to.
VOG: Well, right at the moment Tim, what I would really like to do is . . . chat.
Actor: “Chat”?
VOG: Chat.
Actor: Wow! . . Chatting with God! . . . Wow! What do we, like, . . chat . . . about?
VOG: Anything that's on your mind is a good subject with me.
Actor: As in . . anything?
VOG: Yup, anything is good with me. I noticed you were reading the newspaper, anything good in there?
Actor: Tornadoes, storms, murders, robbery, wars, epidemics . . yeh, awesome good! . . You just wouldn’t believe!
VOG: Actually yes, I would believe, and it breaks my heart.
Actor: Wow, this is like . . wow! . . . Talking to God! . . .Sometimes when I want to talk with my friends they, well, kinda tell me to go fly a kite.
VOG: And do you?
Actor: Do I what?
VOG: Go fly a kite.
Actor: I am not much good at flying kites . . . Besides, I don’t have a kite.
VOG: You got a newspaper, and there’s some branches laying around, I’m sure you can find string, likely put that all together that could make a decent kite.
Actor: Well, I don’t know if . .
VOG: I could likely scare up a bit of a breeze . . .
Actor: Wow! . . . Flying a kite with God . . . I mean . . . Wow! . . Flying a kite with my heavenly father! . . . Wow!

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