Focused on Faith

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 10 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 16:18
Celebrating a church’s 125th anniversary, (could be any number of years).
Revolves around the church’s objective from the outset to be founded on faith, and focused on the future.
Combining remembering the past with being ready for the challenges of the future, and maintaining a clear focus on what is required to be a significant church over the years, and into the future.
Some comedy but with a clear Christian message.

Cast: 2, m or f, any age

Set, lighting, sound, costumes: standard

Props: book with green cover, iPod

Time: 10

Stacey comes on stage carrying a large book, sits down on chair, reads for a few seconds, Destiny comes on stage, listening to her iPod, swaying to the music

Destiny: Hi Stacey, hows things?

Stacey, a little annoyed: Well, Destiny, I am reading my book, . . it’s a very interesting story about . .

Destiny, interrupts: I read books all the time, I just finished a really good book, “How to be a Better Mountaineer”.

Stacey, confused: “Mountaineer”? . . I didn’t realize you were into mountain climbing.

Destiny: Oh goodness no, I’m not, . . . mountains make me break out in a rash!

Stacey: Well, good thing that you got that book then, likely the book will help you be more comfortable in the mountains in the future.

Destiny, shock: No way this kid’s gonna go within a gazillion miles of any mountains I tell ya!

Stacey, more confused: Then if you don’t like mountains, . . . and don’t ever intend to go near mountains . . . why would you read a book on being a better mountaineer?

Destiny: Duh! . . No one goes around reading books about junk they are interested in . . . that’s what Facebook is for.

Stacey, shakes head in wonder: Whatever! . . . Well, good talking with you, . . . but now I want to get back to my book.

Destiny, takes book out of Stacey’s hands: Nice book . . (reads cover) . . . “Focusing On Your Faith”. . . You know I oughta read this book maybe.

Stacey: You are interested in developing your faith?

Destiny, laughs: Oh my goodness no, not at all. . . . I just like books with green covers.

Stacey: You choose books by their covers?

Destiny, amazed: Well, yehhhh! . . . Is there another way?

Stacey: Perhaps choosing a book by content would be worth a try . . . Anyhow, good talking with you, gotta get back to my book.

Destiny: Sure, you go ahead, I’ll just keep chatting, don’t mind me . . . So did you hear that Patricia Johnson is going to Italy for the Christmas holiday next year?

Stacey, trying to ignore: Ummmmm . . .

Destiny: Yeh, her and Jenny Long got tickets and are making plans.

Stacey, trying to ignore: Ummmmm . . .

Destiny: Guess how much do you suppose they paid for round trip tickets.

Stacey, trying to ignore: Ummmmm . . .

Destiny: Hey listen Stacey, I am starting to get the idea that you are ignoring me!

Stacey: Destiny, I am trying to focus on my book, now will you excuse me?

Destiny: Awww, Stacey, of course I excuse you, it’s not like I take it personal or anything.

Stacey: Destiny, I don’t want to get blunt but, like I said, I am trying to focus on reading my book! . . Now please, let me read.

Destiny: Not a problem, I don’t need a brick to fall on my head to understand what’s what!

Stacey: Thanks Destiny, I appreciate it.

Destiny: No problem-o, you just go on ahead, read that there book . . me, I’ll just chat away, no response needed from you for sure.

Stacey: Just how do you expect me to focus on my book with you talking in my ear?

Destiny: I tried focusing once . . . didn’t work.

Stacey: And that was because of . . ?

Destiny: Seems I always fall asleep.

Stacey: Maybe you need to think brighter thoughts.

Destiny: And exactly what kinda super-dooper thoughts are buzzing in your mind?

Stacey: Well our church is having an anniversary soon and I . . .

Destiny: You have a church?

Stacey: Yes, Saint Barnabas is my church and . . .

Destiny: I don’t think I ever met a person before who owned a church . . my Dad owns a garage to store his car but . . wow, owning a church, that’s way something!

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