Faith Sharing 101

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 5 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 15:1-32

For many Christians the thought of sharing their faith one on one with people at work, in the community, at school or wherever we spend time is a daunting and frightening task. Yet we are told that this is natural and necessary outreach.
In this comedy we find a person who is struggling with, and running away from, that task.

Cast:              2 (male or female, any age)


Time:             5


Sample of script:           


Leon comes on stage, mumbling, talking to unseen persons onstage


Leon:               Hey man, I got this great opportunity for y’alls . .  will make y’alls popular, folks will look up to y’alls, respect y’alls!
(frowns, shakes head)
Nah, that approach ain’t so great . . At best I might get one fella . .   maybe if I were to . . .
(toward unseen person)
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! . . .
Have I got a deal for y’alls, . . . (points to various spots) . .  and y’alls . . . . and y’alls . . .
(shakes head)
Not near dynamic enough!


Cindy comes on stage, stands watching Leon, is confused


Leon:               Maybe if’n I give this here line a shot . . .
(circus pitchman type approach)
Step right up now, doncha be the last to hear the good news . .
We got yer cure for the depression, relief from yer worry, someone to turn to when it seems no one cares . . .


Cindy:             Leon, mind if I ask what you are doing . . exactly?


Leon:               Oh hey Cindy, I call this here the “Ninety And Nine”!


Cindy:             The “Ninety And Nine” what  . . . if I may ask?


Leon:               Wasn’t you listenin’ in church to what Pastor Keith was talkin’ on and on about?


Cindy, offended:         
Pastor Keith does not talk on and on!


Leon:               Old Missus Randorf her teeth ‘most fell outta her mouth when she hit the third level of her snorin’!


Cindy:             That is not true Leon! . .  Anyway, what has all this got to do with ninety and nine.


Leon:               Well if’n you’d’a been awake durin’ the sermon you’d’a knowed Pastor Keith he was readin’ from the Bible, from Luke 15 I b’lieve it was.


Cindy:             Yes, the story of the lost sheep. . . But that was one sheep, not ninety-nine.


Leon:               See that’s where I figure churches have it all wrong . .  Y’alls can’t go chasin’ after the one sheep, gotta think economies of scale, go fer the ninety and nine.


Cindy:             If you had been listening you would have heard Pastor Keith say each one of us needs to reach out to one person in our sphere of influence and bring the message of Christ to that one person.


Leon:               You mean like one on one with just one other fella?


Cindy:             Exactly! . .  Sharing with someone you know who doesn’t know the Lord.


Leon¸ frightened look
Doncha go there Cindy! That is some skeery thought.


Cindy:             Why would that be scary?


Leon:               I don’t go and do the one on one! . . . Not me, not never! . .  Give me a crowd of like a hundred, . . . safety in numbers, OK? One on one the fella yer talkin’ with might ask some personal questions, . . . like I said . .  skeery!


Cindy:             We just tell that person about what God has done in our life.


Leon:               I more hold with what it says in the Bible that yer supposed to go home and go into yer closet to tell folks about God.


Cindy:             I believe the Bible was referring to prayer, not outreach.


Leon:               There you go, we kin pray folks into knowin’ all about God without the skeeriness of being like face to face.


Cindy:             There definitely will be time for prayer, but sharing faith means being one on one.


Leon:               Yer sure on that?


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