The Survivors2

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:15

Theme:            Developed along the lines of the popular TV series, this drama looks at the preparation and struggles of surviving with, and without, God’s presence in our lives. Adds 3 additional characters from original DramaShare script, “The Survivors”


Bible Reference:         Ephesians 6:15


Keywords:      survive  equip  benefit  


Cast:               9 (m or f, any age)
Judge Judy

Coach MeeMee

Coach Celeste

Set, props, costumes, light and sound:        
All standard, except a Bible and a horn for Judge Judy


Time:              20


Sample of script


Two groups are lined up at opposite sides of the stage


Judge:             Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
My name is Judge Judy! . . And I am . .  the judge for tonight.
As you in the audience know . . this show is all about surviving the game of life. We have two teams of three players plus their coaches.
At the end of the game there will only be one person left standing.
And that lucky person will win it all!
Our teams are:
(teams stand when introduced, individuals take one step forward )
Team World:
Led by . . . . Coach MeeMee
Justice Jane
Always Alice
Perfect Peter
And . . . .
Team Celestial
Led by . . . . Coach Celeste|
Truthful Tony
Modest Marie
Justified Jeff

And there you have your teams, ladies and gentlemen . . two fine groups, who will survive, who will win our big prize? You all know the rules,  . . actually there really are no rules! . . Except . . . you coaches are to watch over what your teams are doing . . I don’t want any skullduggery!


Celeste, lifts hand:    
Team Celestial will of course play fairly Judge Judy.


MeeMee, winks at her team
How exactly do you describe skullduggery Judge Judy?


Judy:               There will be no dirty tricks!


MeeMee, fake innocence, crosses fingers behind her back,seen by team and audience:   
Why Judge Judy, I am hurt that you would ever think such a thing about our team!


Judy, scowl:    Whatever! . . However . . . let the games begin!


Members of the two groups high-five each other, urge each other on

Team Celestial goes to shake hands with Team World, World puts out hands then pull away, mock Team Celestial.


MeeMee:        OK you guys . .  I am here as your coach for one reason and one reason only . . . and that is  . . . I will win!


Jane:                It’s in the bank, we can do this!  I have been in training forever it seems, just for this big break.  And, just to think, I will walk away a millionaire.


Alice:              Nice to hear that you are all fired up and positive, it’s good for the team, but, Jane, I’m sure not conceding that it will be you who will be the last one standing.  I think I have an awesome chance myself.


Jane:               Sorry, you picked me up wrong, did I say “I”, I meant “we,” our team, we. 


Peter:              Course you did, Jane.  I will be keeping a close eye on you.


Alice:              And what of you Peter?  I’m surprised to see you here so friendly, weren’t you Andrea’s best bud?  Always hangin’ out together with Andrea, “friends til the end”, I believe was the motto?


Jane:                Hey, that’s right!  You guys were supposedly so tight!  Yet, as I recall, it was you who proposed voting Andrea out of the game last night.


Peter:              You bought that?  You should know all I was doing was playing along with Andrea; she was out to get you two.  I have really been supporting you two all along.


Jane:                Sure you were!  Maybe stay in front of me, not behind my back, ok?


Peter:              That hurt.  I’m disappointed you would feel that way.


Alice:              Yeh, right!  I can see the disappointment all over your face. 


MeeMee:        Anyway, enough of that . . . Judge Judy has asked us to draw up a list of six things we want to help us survive here on the desert for the next 8 weeks.  We need to decide on how we are going to get those supplies before the other team steals them away from us.


Jane:                Don’t think you need to worry too much about them, they seem as though they would help us take away their share.  Real different attitude over in that camp!


MeeMee:        Don’t be too sure! . . . Those goody-goody types can calm you and then . . whamo! . . . They beat you to the prize! . . . Keep both eyes on them every minute!


Judy blow horn


Judy:               Time Group 1
Now we will hear from Group 2
Group 2 you are on the clock!


Judy blows horn


Celeste:           Hi guys, it’s really an honor to be part of your team. . . What say before we start . . . let’s dedicate our time here to the Lord.
(all bow in prayer)
Heavenly Father, be with us in our time together, give us a fun time and guide our words and our thoughts as we seek to win in a way that will glorify you.
In your name, Amen!
OK guys, get your thinking caps on. . .
We are to decide the six things we most need to help us survive out here in the desert.

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