Forgiveness Unlimited

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 18:21-35

Theme:            When we forgive do we forget? In this skit we learn to pattern our forgiving after what Jesus showed in the parable of the Unmerciful Servant.


Bible Reference:          Matthew 18:21-35


Cast:                4, any age, m or f


Set, Sound, Costumes:            standard


Time:              6


Sample of script:


Anne comes on stage with laptop in hand, mumbling to herself, typing into laptop


Anne:              OK, that’s 3 times. She said my dress was purple, that’s 4.  Oh, the time her Dad drove by and splashed me, that’s 5.  And her dog chewed my favorite ball I left on her lawn.  That’s 6.  There was lots more.  Let’s see now . . .


Jim, Mary & Stacy come on stage, watches as Anne talks to herself.


Anne:              And she dropped chocolate ice cream on my new dress, let’s see, that’s 7.


Jim:                 Why are you talking to yourself, Anne?


Anne:              Oh, hi Jim, Mary, Stacy.  I’m forgiving my friend Lisa for rotten things she’s done to me.


Jim:                 Doesn’t sound much like forgiving, sounds more like you’re remembering.


Anne:              I am obeying God.


Stacy:              Obeying God?


Anne:              God tells us to count and forgive those who do rotten things, and I’m doing it.


Mary:              God tells us to count the things people do to hurt us?  Where in the Bible?


Anne:              Its Matthew, Chapter 18. (reads from Bible)
How often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?
Jesus said to him, "Up to seventy times seven.”
So I have to count 470 times Lisa did rotten stuff and then . . . kaboom!


Jim:                 Where did 470 come from?


Anne:              Seventy multiplied by seven equals 470. Duhhhh!

Stacy:              I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind. 


Anne:              Well of course it was, its right from the Bible.


Mary:              Jesus said we’re to forgive as God forgives, that mans forgetting.


Stacy:              As though it never happened.


Anne:              If I forget the bad things, how am I supposed to count them?


Jim:                 You can’t.  That’s what Jesus had in mind.


Anne:              I want to be fair, 490, not one less, not one more! . . It’s Biblical.


Stacy:              It’s silly is what.


Anne:              I’m counting up the 490 times I am supposed to forgive her, and then squash her like a bug.  No one can say I don’t hand out loving Christian forgiveness!


Mary:              I . .  . understand   .. . I, uh, . .  . . don’t think!


Anne:              Look, I’ve gotta go enter more of the rotten things Lisa has done to me.


Jim:                 Don’t forget your laptop. Want me to unplug it for you?


Anne, scream: Don’t dare!  My battery’s dead, unplugged I’d lose my input, wouldn’t know how many times Lisa has done rotten things to me.


Jim:                 Now that’s Christian love.


Anne:              Certainly wouldn’t want to give the impression I’m unmerciful.


Mary:              Kinda glad you shared that with us, Anne.  Not!


Anne:              Where was I now, oh yes, I’m at 7.

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