Today You Are With Me

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 9 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 23:39-43

Theme:            Easily staged skit dramatizes a contemporary version of the two thieves on the cross with Jesus.
Takes place in prison on death row. How do the thieves handle their situation?


Bible Reference:          Luke 23:39-43


Cast:                3, (could be m or f, except Jess who is male)


Set:                  blank but could be made up to resemble a jail cell


Sound:             sound of cell door opening and closing


Costumes:       striped clothes if available


Time:              9


Sample of script:


actors are onstage


SFX:                cell door closing
Jess & Leslie bow heads, silence
lights flicker
Flake shows disdain, arms upraised, fists clenched, defiance, laughs mirthlessly


Flake, laughs:  Another one bites the dust!
Did you see the lights flicker?
Crank up the solar panels, the wind turbines, the chair is a big consumer of electricity!


Leslie:              Have you no decency at all?


Flake:              Me? . .  They call me Flake. . . . So you expect decency? . . . You saw on TV what the judge said. . . Called me a non-repentant, immoral fiend! . . . So you judge! . .


Leslie:              I am Leslie . . . . and a human being was just put to death in the next room! . .  How can you treat that so callously, so hard-heartedly? How can you show absolutely no compassion?


Flake, laughs   Me? . .  Not compassionate? . . Showin’ no remorse? . . . Listen Leslie . . I slit the throats of my entire family, startin’ off with my father! . . . And if I had the chance I would do it again, with a smile on my face!


Leslie:              What had your family done to you?


Flake:              Done to me? . . . I had no reason to allow them to live, especially my father! . .  They meant nothin’ to me, why would I grieve the loss? . .  They were simply takin’ up space on this planet, breathin’ precious air, consumin’ food.


Leslie:              You are scum!


Flake, laughs:  Yes I am, and proud of it! . . . And why are you here . . . choirboy (choirgirl)?


Leslie:              I took a life. . . Not proud of it, I’d give anything if I could go back to that night, undo what I did!


Flake:              Well you can’t, so stop your snivellin’! You bleedin’ hearts make me sick to the stomach! . .  Man up and take your medicine! . ..  (laughs) . . Or in this case take your high voltage large charge!


Flake turn to Jess, speaks


Flake:              You are quiet. . . Who are you and what misdemeanor brought you to this outstanding palace?


Jess:                My name is Jess. . . And what importance is it why I am here?


Leslie:              You are Jess? . . . I’ve heard rumors, I heard you are covering for some people.


Flake:              Coverin’ for anyone is just dumb! Take it from someone who’s been around the block. . .  Trust no one, they will stab you in the back every time.


Leslie:              Flake stop it will you?


Flake:              Whatever!  . . . Regardless, in a few minutes they will strap us to the chair, flip the switch and we will be goners. . . . And that’s just fine with me!


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