Satan Defeated

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 5 minutes

Theme:            A short, easily performed skit tells of Satan’s demons reporting back to Satan on how Jesus was healing the people and gaining popularity. The instances with Lazarus, Jarius’ daughter, the man with the withered hand, the cripple from birth, the man in the tombs are all reported to Satan.


Bible Reference:          several


Cast:                7, Satan and 6 demons


Set:                  blank


Sound:             standard


Costumes:       likely traditional but could be contemporary


Props:              none


Time:              5


Sample of script:


actors come onstage


Satan:              I have provided more than enough opportunities for you to bring me permanent success.
All of you have failed me, what do you have to say for yourself?
There was Lazarus of Bethany . .


Imp1:               Lazarus was very ill, doctors couldn’t help him . . .


Imp2:               All was going as we designed it . . .


Imp3:               His meddling sisters kept begging the Nazarene to come . .


Imp4, fiendish laugh
But the Nazarene was too busy parading with his adoring fans!        


Imp5:               He was dead . .  I saw him with my own eyes. . .


Imp6:               And then the cursed carpenter showed up . . .
What were we supposed to do?


Satan:              Excuses! . .  Weak excuses!
And what of the man in the tombs . . . He in whom I had placed multiple desperate demons. . . .


Imp1:               Yes you did leader . .  but . . .


Imp2:               But when this Jesus came he turned everything around!


Imp3:               He turned the man’s sorrow into joy!


Imp4:               He turned crying into dancing!


Imp5:               The Nazarene was more powerful than anything . . . or anyone we have ever seen!


Imp6:               Even stronger than you . . . (quietly) . . leader.


Satan, scream: Stronger than I? . . . I will teach you some respect!
Tell me what happened with the detestable man with the withered hand!
I specifically placed him at the temple on the Sabbath!


Imp1:               Oh leader, we were amazed with what you did to that poor fool!


Imp2:               The look of that awful hand sickened me!


Imp3, laughs:  And the temple priest laid a clever trap for the Nazarene!


Imp4:               The priest asked the Nazarene if it was right to heal on the Sabbath.


Imp5:               But the one they call the Teacher caught the priest in his own trap.


Imp6:               And then he asked the man to hold out his hand . . . And it was healed!


Satan, scream: You should have done . . .  something!
But I am sure the man who had been a cripple for life is still a cripple!


Imp1:               Such a pathetic creature!

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