Abilities Or Disabilities

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 6 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Peter 3:8

Theme:            A blind person and a person in a wheelchair discuss living with physical handicaps, and living with how “non-handicapped people” act and react to those with physical handicaps. And how sometimes, in an effort to be understanding and helpful, people show insensitivity to handicapped people who are simply living their life and coping with situations as they are.
How should we talk to someone with a physical disability, how should we act?


Bible Reference:          1Peter 3:8


Cast:                2, (m or f)
Kim in a wheelchair
Taylor is blind


Set:                  Blank set but with various items spread around making moving about difficult


Sound, Costumes:       standard


Props:              wheelchair, white cane


Special Instructions:    have actors move about the stage somewhat, dramatizing feelings


Time:              6


Sample of script:           


Kim comes onstage in wheelchair

Kim tries several times to go around the objects on the floor, finally throws arms up in frustration, leans down and moves objects to get to front of stage


Kim:                Messy people!
My Mom used to say, “You drop something, you pick it up!”
Mom for sure would be some upset if she saw this mess!
Thoughtless, inconsiderate is what!
(pauses, stares into audience, smiles, shakes head)
Some people staring at me, sad eyes.
It’s OK, I have been using a wheelchair for long time, I’m used to it, kinda.
But suppose I was, like, what most call . . .  normal . . . not in a wheelchair . . this here room would still be  . . . messy, disaster, unacceptable.


(shrugs, smiles)


Kim:                But . . sometimes, the way people act . .  people don’t see me . . . as . . . . normal .
Strange the way most people act when they are around people with disabilities . . Uncomfortable.
Seem to feel a need to . . . do . . .  for me.
Fact is, even though I need to be in this wheelchair . . . I can do most things for myself, thank you very much! . . . And if I need help, I do have a voice, my vocal chords aren’t disabled, they’re just great thank you!
Oh I know they mostly mean well, but . . .


Taylor comes on stage, walking with white cane


Kim, shouts:    Careful Taylor, there’s junk all over the floor in here!


Taylor:             Oh it’s you Kim . . .  I wondered who it was, going on, doing all the muttering and stuff.


Kim:                Well people drive me crazy, no concern for others!

Taylor:             Some people at least, you’re right! If some of them had to go through what me and you go through everyday maybe they would get their minds straightened out.


Kim:                Nah! . .  Different groups around town, they hold special activities, guys have to get around in a wheelchair for a day. When they put in their day they say all the right things but, . . . give it a day or two and . .  same old same old.


Taylor:             Lady today she said to me . . . “You don’t look blind.” . . . . Like somehow I’m supposed to look different just because I’m blind.


Kim:                Should’a fired back, “Lady you don’t look stupid!”
You should hear what some say to me:
“Do you know my friend in Texas, he’s in a wheelchair too.”
“You are attractive for a person in a wheelchair.”


Taylor:             Christians can be cruel too . . .  Worst line is, “Everything happens for a reason.”


Kim:                Or, “Can I pray for you?”


Taylor:             I always say, “Please do, and I will pray for you as well.”


Kim:                Or, “I had to use a wheelchair once, I know what you are going through.”
As if spending a few days in a wheelchair can give you any idea of what I go through, being in this wheelchair for the rest of my life!

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