A Man Named Cornelius

  • Cast Number: 33
  • Run-time: 55 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 10,11

Cornelius meets Simon Peter.

Sample of script:

Scene: Cornelius’ office in his home. This is a modern backdrop: desk, pens, fax machine, awards, pictures with the president, etc. Also scrolls, a prayer cloth, pictures of family, etc.

The scene starts with Cornelius finishing up a conversation with Widow.

Cornelius: (handing Widow a package of food, clothes, etc.) Are you sure this is enough for your home?

Widow: Good sir, it is only I to fend for. This is more than enough. (takes package) Your kindness will never be forgotten. (Widow starts to leave.)

Cornelius: No, stop, take this. (writes a check and hands it to her.)

Widow: (sees amount and begins to protest) No, good sir, this is far too much.

Cornelius: Well, then you will be amply provided for and can even give to others.

Widow: I will, good sir. “God loves the open-handed.” You are blessed, sir. (Widow leaves, smiling happily as she passes Major.) A good man. A good man, indeed. (Widow leaves.)

Major: (smiling slightly) Another happy customer, sir!

Cornelius: (sternly, but Major is unfazed) Do not grieve me, Major. I cannot but give. God Almighty has given me so much. (smiles) I am like an open bank, though, am I not? (Cornelius and Major laugh together as close and good friends.) Is there anyone else, for it is close to my….

Major: Prayer time. Sir, I have been with you for upwards of ten years now, I know your schedule as if it were my own. I only wish my faith in something was as secure as you and your household.

Cornelius: (to Major, with hand on his shoulder) Soldier, you will find and see the light. Your heart searches and God will guide you. Do not beat yourself up. (back to desk) Who is next?

Major: A simple case…..the man has lost his home to creditors.

Cornelius: My goodness is that all. (Cornelius and Major laugh. Major leaves while Cornelius picks up the phone.) Hello, can I speak to Eustis? (pause) Eustis? Cornelius here. Good to speak to you. (pause) Claudia is very well as are the children – growing like weeds, they are. When are you going to marry the beautiful daughter of Lezar? (pauses, laughs) Well, don’t wait too long! Eustis, I need some assistance. (pauses, laughs) Yes, I know. I am constantly in need.

(Major escorts Poor Man

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