And We Wait

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 2

In the room, all waiting for the pentecost experience

Sample of script:

1: Wait! And wait some more!

2: Waiting is never easy –yet wait we mustfor that is what the Lord told us to do –

1: His final instructions in fact –“wait here in Jerusalem”for "the gift My Father promised",to be "baptized with the Holy Spirit".

2: How are we supposed to know what that means?And how will we know when it has happened?

1: Seems that’s the way our lives have been since that morning,when the women burst in upon us, talking (as we thought then)utter nonsense saying Jesus, the Lord, had risen from the deadand was,. . alive?

2: Yeh, right! Risen. He who was crucified, dead and buried!

1: I admit it, just like Thomas, I was one of those who didn't believe them; but when Peter returned from the tomb and said it was trueand also when the Lord started to appear among us, and be seen by us,there was no denying it had happened!

2: Many people, hundreds!, have seen Him since - right up to the time when He was taken up to heaven - it was then that He told us to wait here.

1: Oh, the fellowship we've shared here - meeting together, praying,welcoming back some who had scattered following the crucifixion.Welcome back, dear brothers!

2: It gave us the chance for God to choose the right person to replace Judas. Matthias was the one.

1: There is something which bothers me:just how we are going to tell all the world the Good News – we're not very educated, most of us.

2: There are a lot of different languages in the world. I know two languages only, and I am one of the more fortunate.

1: So what is it that do we do? Sit quietly in this upper roomwhere so much of our time has been spent in the last while.Each one of us lost in our own means of remembrance and hope; in our own thoughts, our own prayers.

2: What was that? The rattling of a door?

Everyone – on edge – startled and fearful of what, or who, it might be.Wind must be getting up - no, it's more than that – must be a real storm brewing!

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