Bored or What

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs 31:27
Boredom, what causes it, what can we do to overcome it. Comedy puppet script, can also be a standard drama.

Sample of script:

Jessie comes on stage, sighing, mopes around for a while then Penny comes on stage

Penny: Hey Jessie, how’s it?

Jessie ignores Penny, continues being bored

Penny: Jessie? Hellllooooo!

Penny gets right in Jessie’s face

Penny: Anyone home in there?

Penny jumps up and down to get Jessie’s attention

Penny: Earth to Jessie! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Peter comes on stage

Peter: Hey Penny! Hey Jessie!

Penny: Hey Peter.

Peter looks at Jessie

Peter: Did Jessie leave and forget to take him/herself?

Penny: My best efforts of getting Jessie to surface have been pretty much like catching fish in an egg timer.

Peter: I see what you mean . . . (does a double take) . . . “fish in an egg timer”?

Penny: Old saying, said by very old people.

Peter: And this old saying would mean . . .?

Penny: Have not the slightest idea.

Peter: Why am I not surprised?

Jessie: Would you guys stop your caterwallering and leave a person alone?

Peter: Welcome home, Jessie! Glad you could come visit with us . . and yourself.

Penny: We thought you had left . . . some parts behind.

Jessie sighs a big sigh

Penny: You OK Jessie?

Jessie sighs even more loudly

Penny: Speak to us Jessie! Are you OK?

Jessie sighs VERY loud

Peter: I sure don’t want to influence you Penny, but if I am guessing, that sigh would likely mean that no, Jessie is not entirely OK.

Penny, serious: You think?

Peter: Call it a premonition.

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