Cheerful Giver

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 9:7

We learn in this comedy that its not so much that God loves a giver, God loves a "cheerful" giver. Generosity, and the joys of being a cheerful giver

Sample of script:

Edna: Hello, Laura, how’s it going today?

Laura: Bummer actually, Edna, thanks for asking.

Edna: Really? I had an awesome day, was at a breakfast meeting at the church, I heard all about how they are getting the Stewardship program set up for the year.

Laura, mocking: Oh, joy! Another opportunity to give!

Edna: Exactly, Laura! Isn’t it exciting?

Laura: Way wow, just what I needed.

Edna: What’s wrong, Laura? You aren’t going to be supporting the Stewardship program? You have always been a strong supporter in the past.

Laura: Oh, of course I will be supporting stewardship, it’s a duty we have as Christians. It’s in the Bible. Never would overlook supporting the Lord’s work.

Edna: Well, that’s good to hear . . . I think. But you sure don’t sound very excited about it.

Laura: Excited? Why would I be excited? In the last two hours I have had seven people at my door or over the phone, asking for money for this, that and the other thing! First it was the Girl Guides selling cookies.Edna: Wasn’t that girl cute? And the Girl Guides do a lot of good for our children. And those cookies! Chocolate chip! To die for! Did you buy some cookies, Laura?

Laura: Did I buy? Of course I bought cookies, Edna! I always support the Girl Guides! Wouldn’t miss, very important. And then, next, the Alzheimers Association called on the phone, and I had to give to that. Mrs. Morrison down the street, she has been diagnosed with that disease, poor woman! I wanted to support that, of course. And no sooner I was off the phone and the Heart & Stroke people were at the door. Obviously I handed them some money too.

Edna: How is your Dad doing now, Laura?

Laura: He is back home, gradually gaining strength.

Edna: So you have had a long list of charities to support today. I guess we can’t support them all, important though they are.

Laura: Not support them? Of course I supported every one of them, all very worthy. And God has been good, He has provided well in my business.

Edna: Giving back to God, that’s really what His instructions are all about aren’t they.

Laura: Oh, it’s in the Bible, clear as day, God loves a giver.

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