Christian Maintenance

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 5:39
our need for constant maintenance, faith, study, prayer, understanding.

Sample of script:

Joe comes on stage, followed by Moe from other side of stage

Moe: Hey Joe, whatcha up to?

Joe: Hey yourself, Moe, just goin’ down to the automobile licensing bureau, gotta get me a new drivers licence.

Moe: Why for you doin’ that, lost your old licence somewhere I expect?

Joe: Lost it? Nope, it’s right here, see? (shows Moe the licence)

Moe: Well, ‘fraid you lost me there then. Why for would you be getting’ a new licence when you have perfectly good one there, not ripped nor torn nor nuthin’. See here, my licence, all ripped and torn, same one I got in driver trainin’ in high school years ‘n years ago. But I still use it.

(Joe looks at Moe’s drivers licence, reacts in horror)

Joe: What are you doing man? This here is just a student driver certificate, and it’s been expired for years! What are you thinking about, driving with an expired licence? What if you are in an accident?

Moe: Never been in an accident. Never wanna be in an accident. Besides, never could figger out how a new licence would make me drive better. Nope, figger to just keep this old licence.

Joe: What if a policeman stops you, you aren’t licenced.

Moe: Yes, I am. I have this old, old licence, carry it everywhere with me. Everyone knows, things get better with age. Way I figger, this licence should be about the best one around by now.

Joe: Way I figger, you are in a heap of trouble, Moe! Don’t you understand? Just cause you got a licence once years ago, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to go back and get it updated and renewed on a regular basis.

Moe: No way! You serious? You mean even though I have this licence that is super awesome and nice and all, still I have to go back and get an update?

Joe: That is exactly what I mean.

Moe: I am shocked, I mean I always thought that . . .

(Reggie comes on stage)

Reggie: Hi Moe, Joe, how’s things?

Joe: Hi Reggie, I was just on my way to get my driver’s licence renewed, Moe, here he is telling me that . . .

Moe: You won’t believe this, Reggie. Joe here is planning to get a new drivers licence even though he has a perfectly good one here.

Joe: And Moe here is driving around with a drivers licence that expired a zillion years ago . . .

Moe: . . and one that is still in “almost as new condition” don’t forget!

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