Committed To Service

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 16:13
A visit to the bistro and the waiter Andre teaches a lesson in the commitment and joy of serving

Sample of script:

Andre is on stage, arranging plates, cutlery on table, Darlene and Elizabeth walk on

Andre: Good morning, welcome to Hearts Delight Bistro, where your dining expectation is our minimum intention. My name is André, and it is my great pleasure to serve you, I want you to know that it is my personal commitment to make your time here a memorable one. May I seat you, a nice window near the kitchen perhaps?

Darlene: Well, thank you, but might we please have a table by the window? Such a lovely view!

Andre: No.

Elizabeth: Oh, sorry, are those tables reserved?

Andre: No.

Darlene: Perhaps you are short of waiters in that section?

Andre: I will have you know that at Hearts Delight Bistro we always have a full compliment of well trained, pleasant servers.

Elizabeth: Then, . . . . I guess I don’t understand, why can’t we sit by the window, why do we have to be over by the kitchen where it is so noisy?

Darlene: Sorry, perhaps I should have explained, Elizabeth and I are here for a special occasion, we would just love to have a nice quiet time together, renew an old friendship.

Andre: So? How does that affect me?

Elizabeth: Well, its just that, didn’t you say that at Hearts Delight Bistro, our dining expectation is your minimum intention?

Andre: I most certainly did, I take great joy in seeing to it that your time here at Hearts Delight Bistro exceeds all your fondest wishes. Now then, please stop wasting my time, over to that small table behind the kitchen door please.

Darlene: I can’t figure this out, you say it is your personal commitment to make our time here a memorable one, yet you really aren’t being very committed to that.

Andre: I beg your pardon, you take that back! I happen to be Andre, trained in the best bistros all over the world. I am committed, I always provide joy-filled service to my clients. If you don’t believe me perhaps you would care to read what it says on my business card?

Andre pulls out business cards and hands one to each diner

Andre: Now then, you, (sir/madam indicating Darlene), you read what it says on the front.

Darlene, embarrassed: Er, it is a very nice business card I am sure. Elizabeth, perhaps we should be going somewhere else, we can just . . .

Andre: Did I ask if you would care to read my business card? I think not! I believe I instructed you to read the business card! Now, then, read it, post haste!

Darlene: Uhhhhhhhh, yes, it says here, “

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