Creative Disagreements

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: James 4:1-12
Some guy named William is causing problems for everyone and all have to learn about solving disagreements peacably

Sample of script:

1 and 2 come on stage

1: Hey 2, how’s things today?
2, looking around: Uh, well, he’s not here, guess things are mostly OK.

1: He?

2: My way William!

1: My way?

2: Yep. Or the highway.

1: My guess is you’ve had a disagreement with William.

2: How do you see through these things?

1: William was causing you problems?

2: Yep. And if I take off a-runnin’ you’ll know why.

1: I will? And that would be because of . . . ?

2: To me, when there is a disagreement it’s just best to cut and run, that is just the easiest way.

1: But what is resolved?

3 comes on stage, very angry

3: OK, where is he?

1: He?

3: Wimpy Willie.

1: My guess is that William has struck again.

3, (mimes boxing): I will be the one who will do the striking, I ever get him in my sights!

1: Is that a little violent?

3: You just better believe it is, and I can almost taste revenge!

1: I think you are going at this the wrong way, 3.

2: 1 is right, 3. Fighting is no way to solve a disagreement. Best be like me, run and hide.

3: I am not a runner, I am not a hider. I am a puncher!

4 comes on stage, pose is “The Thinker”

4: We need, of course, to rationalize the rational alternatives, revisit the various venues, bring to the fore all which has gone in front of us. Through sane and solemn deliberation and debate all good things will come about, this to the betterment of all.

1: Don’t tell me! William.

4: Certainly there is a difference of opinion however, with all parties laying down parameters, building bridges to solutions as it were, finding new horizons of mutual consent, why, certainly unanimity will triumph.

3: Will you knock off the dumb talk before I rearrange your face?

2: Oh, my! I must find somewhere to hide, help me will you, where can I run?

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