Cut To The Heart

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 60 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 11:4
A high flying career woman and her daughter are on different sides of belief in Jesus until a guy named Angelo comes along. A three act drama

Sample of script:

(A city, fourth floor of an office building. Liz Stanton's office. She is on the phone)

LIZ: (pacing impatiently, looking out window) They're still there, Margaret ! (pause) (exasperated) Do? How should I know, do whatever works. Fire a warning shot if you have to, just get them away from this building ! (pause) Now how could it be worse? (pause) She is? (looks out window again) Wait, is that...? (moans, squeezes her forehead) (less irritated, soft and weary) Oh, Robin, what did I ever do?Margaret, you still there? (pause)

Send my (edgy) daughter up but get rid of the rest. (pause) You think I need to hear about the First Amendment, as much as I invoke it? (looks out the window) (anxious) Oh.. oh... Margaret, there's a news van down there ! Keep those press corps losers AWAY from Robin, you hear? That's all I need right now. Send her up. (hangs up)

Any opportunity- ANY- to try to break a woman's spirit, I swear ! (softly, grimly, pointing at the window) But it=s not gonna work.

(paces for a few moments. There is a knock at the door.)

LIZ: Come in.

(Enter Robin.)

ROBIN: (reserved) Hello, mother.

LIZ: (formally) Robin. (long pause) I could handle all the hate mail.. I could even put up with the pictures of your father and his new wife- his faithful wife, as you're quick to point out. But (disgust) this! Joining forces with them against me. (pause) Could you really hate me that much?

ROBIN: I'm not against you, mother. And I don't hate you.

LIZ: (furious) No ? (walks purposefully to desk, gets out letter. Reads.) 'I hate you, mother'. Who wrote this? Huh? (slightly hysterical chuckle) Should I read on? (reads) 'I could happily rid the earth of you myself, but I'm not a murderer like you. You deserve to die'. (looks at Robin) Well, you'll be happy to know that part of me did die when I read that. (throws letter down)

ROBIN: (regretfully) That doesn't make me happy. I'd do anything to unsend that letter and all the others, but I can't. All I can do is ask you to forgive me.

LIZ: (cynically) Now why would you do that?

ROBIN: Because I love you. (lowers her head) That's why.

LIZ: Love me? Why? I'm the same monster I=ve always been. The same voice of feminine revolt. Against men. Against unwanted pregnancies. Against God.. so they say. Against humanity itself. What's to love?

ROBIN: I don't know if you can understand this, but .. I love you because I learned how from...(makes slight waving hand motion, indicating impatience to find the words) see, it isn=t just something I read, but.. Jesus Himself taught me to love you... the way He does. And I can forgive you because I needed forgiveness, too... and He forgave me.

LIZ: (flatly, nodding) Jesus. You've met Him. (suspiciously) Who sent you?

ROBIN: (earnestly) Nobody sent me, I seriously just want to make peace with you. (Robin sits in one of two chairs and Liz follows)(easier tone) That's something I can initiate myself. I can't make peace between you and God..I wish I could.. you need to do that for yourself. (friendly tone) Have you ever tried to reach Him?

LIZ: Not that I recall. Thanks, but I'm allergic to sackcloth and ashes. I don't buy the whole guilt and fear trip.

ROBIN: (smiles, shaking her head) That's what everyone thinks ! Hitler said the masses will fall for a big lie sooner than a small one and the devil proves it with this very point.

LIZ: Oh, now you know the devil, too? (hand to her forehead) Wait, I forgot, silly me, he got custody of you and a faithful wife to boot, which if he was smart, he'd do.

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