Dare to Doubt

  • Cast Number: 1
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 20:19-31
A monologue about Thomas the doubting believer, and how his questions have served up belief for multitudes over the years since.

Sample of script:

actress comes on stage carrying some clothing, arranging it neatly on a table, becomes aware there is ”an audience”, looks around, smiles.

Good day to you!Yes, and a gorgeous day it is, for sure.I am Elizabeth, I come here to the market, most every day, to offer my creations for sale.

holds up a dress

A dress for the lady . . . ahh, the color . . . matches the lady’s eyes . . . yes, very nice indeed!

holds up a man’s shirt

For the gentleman . . . this shirt is not only attractive . . . (smiles) . . . shows off the gentleman’s muscles . . . and from sturdy cloth . . . serviceable.

holds up children’s clothing

Or for that precious young one . . . clothing worthy of that young prince . . princess!

pauses as though listening to someone speak

Yes, I have been designing fine wearing apparel for many years . .(thinks) . let me see, is it possible, . . it’s been almost ten years now! In that time “Creations by Elizabeth” has become a brand not at all unknown!

pauses as though listening to someone speak

No, I am not another DiAngelo, nor a Lombardi. I have no factory full of seamstresses, designers.I work by myself, (looks down at the clothing in her hands) . . . I design, I cut the cloth, I sew the garment . . . (looks up, smiles) lovingly, and with care, as though for a member of my family!speaks with some contempt

DiAngelo . . . Lombardi! I doubt you would see either of them or their high-priced people here, . . . (sweeping motion with hand) . . in this small town marketplace . . talking with ordinary people, finding your needs in fine yet affordable garments . . (leans down, smiles lovingly, finger moves as though tweaking a child’s chin) . . . seeing first-hand your fine children who will grace my creations!

I doubt that DiAngelo, or Lombardi, for that matter, will give the care to detail, the concern for the person who wears these sturdy garments, day in and day out.

I doubt you will find the “Elizabeth touch” from the impersonal design houses.

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