David on the Hotseat

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Samuel
Messing up isn't permanent, but God's love is. In spite of David's many failings and failures, God used this mighty man in wondrous ways.

Sample of script:

as scene opens, Eli is speaking to unseen stage hands on the set, very demanding, gruff. When it becomes obvious that they are on air Eli, switches to unbelievable charmer.

Eli: All right you people, let’s be sure we have no duplication of last week’s disaster. Camera on my left profile, always, you get it? In case there is any question in your mind about who is in charge here, check the signature on your paycheck. And that would be mine. Every last one of you can be replaced with a quick phone call, don’t forget that fact.

Now then, where was I . . .what are you waving your arms about? We are what? On air? Of course we are on air.

And now, direct from beautiful downtown Jerusalem, welcome to yet another episode of “You Sure Messed Up, Didn’t You!” YSMUDY, (pronounced ‘yesmuddy”), the game show where contestants from all over the region pit their screw-ups against our nasty panel of judges.

We want to remind you of the rules. Each proven charge leveled by one of our judges gets the judge 100 points and takes 500 points from our guest. An unproven charge results in 100 points for our guest and 100 points being taken away from our judge.

Now, let’s welcome back our panel. From Channel 48, the light and lovely Ruth, just back from doing a docu-drama on Nebuchadnezzar’s newly installed hi-blast furnace. Look forward to watching that one, Cleo, it airs when again?

Ruth: Friday, May 18th, immediately following the WWG, Wide World Gladiators Rumble 3. And I believe you will find it a blast, dahling!

Eli: A blast indeed, what a play on words, dear, dear Ruth! You have to know none of us will want to miss that one. Next to Ruth we have the Chairman of National Defense, Simon ben Ahmad. Simon recently back from the front lines, anything new to report from that quarter?

Simon: As always, our troops are holding their own against great odds, great odds. We truly have a fine, fine army.

Eli: I see, and next to Simon, Aaron ben Moses. Our resident, . .. . . may I use the word, our resident atheist.

Aaron: May you? Why would you not? You would run afoul of my good manners only by terming me religious.

Eli: Very well then, introductions behind us, let us introduce our first guest. And speaking of “behind us”, as always our contestant is hidden from view as the contestant would be familiar to many, perhaps all of our panel. So, a hidden guest, an international story, we start tonight with the lovely and charming, Ruth.

Ruth: As always, too kind, dahling! Now then, to our guest, would you consider your life to be an absolute washout?

David: No, madam, not at all.

Ruth: A gentleman, a voice that rings of authority, self-importance. Tell me, oh self-important one, have you done anything of any merit in your entire lifetime?

David: Have I, myself? Well, one always hopes that one has done the right things more often than not.

Ruth: More often than not, you say? Well, well, now! and would you have been guilty of . . . what shall we say . . .adultery?

David: Yes, I have, I am ashamed to say.

horns blare, lights flash, loud voice sings out: “you sure messed up didn’t you?”

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