Did You Know The Truth

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 14:6

Knowing a guru won't really help, but it does help to know the truth about Jesus?

Sample of script:

Norm walks on stage, sees Tony who is sitting on a stool at center stage. Norm mimes watching cars rush by.

Norm: Hey, Tony, look out, there goes a car, nearly hit you! What are you doing sitting there in the middle of the street? Don’t you know you are going to get hit by a car, cause an accident?

Tony: The worry is worth the wait, dear friend Norm.

Norm: The wait? What wait? Look out! Here comes a taxi!

Tony: Out of the principles of life come the glories of true understanding.

Norm: Understanding? What do you mean, underst . . . . . . . . hey, watch it bud, you just about hit me there! Watch where you’re driving! (pause) Well, same to you bud! Look, Tony, get off the street before you get both of us killed!

Tony: To live, to die, mayhap to understand.

Norm: Look, Tony, what you need to understand is you are gonna get run over if you don’t get off the street here! Wohoooo, that was close, that bus just clipped my shoulder!

Tony: To recognize plight is to understand the world order.

Norm: Look, would you please tell me what you are doing sitting here in the middle of the busiest street in town. But maybe wait until we are over here on the sidewalk before you tell me, OK?

Tony: Very well, friend Norm, but truth comes from the mountain streams of life, to be plucked willy-nilly according to our own devices.

Norm: Mind if I ask a question? You didn’t happen to get a bump on the head while out there did you?

Tony: A bump? Nay, nay!

Norm: Nay, nay? Look, exactly what are you trying to say here? Straight goods, what were you doing sitting there in the middle of the street?

Tony: I was searching for truth.

Norm: Truth?

Tony: Truth.

Norm: Truth as it relates to . . . . .?

Tony: . . .as it relates to truth, of course.

Norm: Truth as it relates to truth. . . . . . . . Ah, yah! So, tell me, ddi it hurt much when you fell on your head?

Tony: You don’t fully grasp is my guess.

Norm: In a word, . . . . I most certainly do not.

Tony: I am on a journey to find truth. Tell me, friend Norm, . . .do you know the truth?

Norm: Do I know the truth about . . . about . . . .what .

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