Disconnected Connections

  • Cast Number: 5
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Proverbs 17:17
Getting connected, associating with other Christians. The importance of cultivating Christian friends, and of knowing that the true source of our power is God.

Sample of script:

actors come on stage

Nancy: So anyhow, this guy says, “Which way to Toledo?”Nancy laughs hysterically, all others look on in embarrassed discomfort

2: Very good, Nancy! Anyyyhoowwwww. So, like I was saying, gals, what we need here is to get all connected. OK now let’s get with it!

3: OK, see here I have this hose and we can just link it up . .

4: Yes, and I have this cable here so if we . . .

2: A coupling, that’s what we need.

3: But what I have here is a water hose . .

4: Yes, and I have a steel cable.

2: I’m not real sure that there is a coupler to connect a water hose and a steel cable.

Nancy: But on the other hand . . .Nancy stares off into space, pointing off-stage, all actors watch her

2: Yes, Nancy, we are waiting . . . on the other hand . . . what?

4, moves hand in front of Nancy’s eyes: I think Nancy is deep in thought.

3: And for Nancy that’s uncharted territory.

Nancy: I was just thinking . . . on the other hand . . are different fingers.

3: Don’t think Nancy, you could hurt yourself!

2: Fine then, maybe this will work, I have this electrical cord here, I mean it works well when I plug it into the wall.

4: I think you may be on to something 2. Much better than this steel cable is my guess.

3: Maybe that electrical cable and this water hose could . .

Nancy: Speaking of water, did you ever wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges?

3: Nancy, did anyone ever tell you that you were like diagonally parked in a parallel universe?

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