Does God Exist

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Genesis 1
How do we convince anyone of the unseen proof of the ever-present God?

Sample of script:

Tim and Terry come on stage from one side, Tony from another

Tony: Hey, Terry, Tim, so how’s it today?

Terry, chuckling: Doing quite well so far, nothing major has gone wrong yet.

Tony: I’m with you, Terry, lookin’ good so far.

Tim: Yet! So far! That’s exactly the point! Yet! So far!

Tony: I’m with you, Tim! “So far!” “Yet!” Yep! Think you’re onta sumpthin’ there! (pause) Errrr, just exactly what is the sumpthin’ that you are onta, Tim, d’ya think?

Tim: It’s all the same! Life is made up of the “so fars” and the “yets” that’s what. Things going along well, not a cloud in the sky, now’s when ya oughta be worried! Waiting for the other shoe to drop, I always say!

Tony looks down at his shoes, puzzled look on face, then looks up in the sky

Tony: Gotta tell ya, Tim, I’m right with ya on this, sure am so, . . . . but . . . I got my shoes velcroed on, and besides, there’s lotsa clouds in the sky, seems like.

Tim: Tony, open your eyes, look around!

Tony squints eyes, looks around

Tim: Tony! Look here! Think! Life is a series of calamities! People just bounce from one downer to another!

Tony: Boy you have no clear idea on just how right you are on that one! Calamities! Downers! Yep, just like you say, Tim, bounce, bounce, bounce! And I say it all the time too!

Terry: Tony, just what great calamities and downers have you had in your life?

Tony: Why, Terry, I shall just tell you all about it! Why I will have you know that I . . . . or there was the time when . . . well, remember when I . . . OK, how’s this, one time I lost my gum while playing football.

Terry: Losing your gum can’t really be classed as a huge earth-shaking catastrophe, Tony!

Tony: Was too! First day for that gum! (pause, thinks) Guess you are right though, Terry. Life is pretty much good.

Tim: Life? Good? What colour is the sky in your world? Look around you. War. Terrorism. Conflict. Hatred. Sounds like a great world to me!Terry: The world is full of troubles, but through it all God is in control.

Tony: You do have a good point there, Terry.

Tim: God? Care to prove to me that God even exists, let alone that He is in control?

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