Do I Know You

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2Timothy 1:12
knowing each other and getting to know the real God.

Sample of script:

Actors walk on stage

Tessie: Hey, Jessie, how’s things?

Jessie: Do I know you?

Tessie: Know me? I’m your sister. . . . . Tessie. Helloooo! Earth to Jessie!

Jessie: Oh, yeh, I know you are my sister Tessie. But, I wonder, do I know you?

Tessie: Uhhh, yeh. You’ve been out in the sun without a hat again, haven’t you Jessie?

Jessie: Be serious.

Tessie: Me be serious? You are the one who is asking the hair color challenged questions.

Jessie: Well, see, it’s just that I wonder if we really know each other.

Tessie: Good question. Maybe we oughta review it a bit. First, you are my younger sister. Have been all your life.

Jessie: Agreed, that’s true.

Tessie: I was around before you were born. Our parents told me about you even before you were born, told me I was gonna have a little brother or sister.

Jessie: Must have been a great feeling for you.

Tessie: It was okay.

Jessie: OK?

Tessie: I was kinda pullin’ for a dog.

Jessie: Thanks a lot.

Tessie: Not a problem. We all have our disappointments. I overcame the feeling, eventually I even got to thinking it wasn’t a totally bad idea. Until the rubber boot thing happened.

Jessie: Rubber boot thing? What rubber boot thing?

Tessie: Mom gave you my red rubber boots with the picture of Snoopy on the sides.

Jessie: I remember that, you had outgrown them. Mom gave them to me.

Tessie: They were mine.

Jessie: They were too small for you.

Tessie: Doesn’t change the fact they were mine.

Jessie: Sounds kind of petty if you ask me.

Tessie: I didn’t ask. And they were bought especially for me.

Jessie: Tessie, they were standard, off-the-rack Walmart Snoopy red rubber boots!

Tessie: Naa ahh! These were one of a kind. Snoopy had a black head band.

Jessie: Black head band? Tessie, you took Dad’s paint and painted a silly stripe across Snoopy’s head! For which Mom grounded you for a week as I recall

.Tessie: My point exactly

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