Do Your Job

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 28:16-20
on witnessing

Sample of script:

Scene opens with a tight spot on young Paul who is on the telephone, at center stage. The phone could be on a small table to be removed later.

Paul, (on phone): But Mom, I really don’t want to stay here! The food is awful, the beds are lumpy, and the people are weird!

Pauses as if he is listening to his Mom.

Paul: Well, yeah I did get to go swimming. We go every morning.pause

Paul: Yeah, I went hiking yesterday. Right up a mountain! (Catching himself before he sounds too excited.) But, uh, I got a blister on my big toe from all the walking.


Paul: I know I have been doing a lot of things I wouldn’t get to do any other time. But Mom, (pause), I know it’s only for five more days.pause

Paul: Sure I’ve met some nice people. There is this one guy, he’s sorta cool. He’s one of the counselors. You know, I’ve been watching him and I can’t figure it out, but there is definitely something very different about him. I don’t know what, but just something.

offstage, Jim’s voice can be heard, yelling to Paul

Jim: Hey, Paul! Get over here! We need you to tie up the balloons once they’re filled with shaving cream!

Paul, (on phone): Uh, I gotta go now, Mom. It’s, uh, time for, uh, arts and crafts. Bye!

Paul quickly hangs up the phone and runs out stage left. Spotlight dims as stage hand removes table. After a few moments, spotlight returns to full light and Paul and Jim enter stage left, laughing.

Jim: That was the best! Did you see the look on the girls’ faces as they saw those shaving cream bombs coming at them?

Paul: I’ve never seen them run so fast!

Jim: That was definitely worth the effort!

Paul smiling, then looking down as is he were in thought.

Jim: What’s up, Paul? Everything all right?

Paul: Oh, it’s nothing. Never mind.

Jim: You’re not paralyzed by fear because you heard that the cook is serving meat surprise for supper tonight, are you?

Paul: No, I think I can handle that.

Jim: Then what is it, Paul? You know I am definitely here if you want to talk.

Paul: Well, it’s just that, well, I’ve been thinking, that’s all.

Jim: Thinking’s good.

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