Dreaming Wild

  • Cast Number: 9
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1.Peter 4:10
God gives us the gifts and the abilities to dream wild. We all have unique possibilities with God-given ability. Highland Church of Christ paced second in a national drama competition with this script.

Sample of script:

Amy is on stage, working with a coat hanger, all other actors except Ron come on stage

Mark: Whatcha makin’ there Amy?

Amy, too involved to answer: Huh?

Mark: I said, whatcha makin’ there Amy?

Amy: Listen, your gonna hafta keep it down, I am concentrating here. Now where was I, oh, yeh, the afterburners . .. . .. .

Todd: Afterburners? What are you talking about, afterburners. All you have there is . . not sure what . . looks kinda like a coat hanger.

Amy: That’s what it is, a coat hanger.

Todd: You are putting afterburners on a coat hanger?

Amy, dumbfounded: Noooooooo! Who’s gonna be going around putting afterburners on a coat hanger? Duh!

Jane: From what I heard, you were.

Amy: People! This here is the preliminary design step. I am building the concept here. (holds up the coat hanger) But just look, can’t you just see the possibilities, the end result.

Mark: Uhhhh, not so much, nope. I am kind of stuck at seeing this as the concept of a mangled up coat hanger.

Todd: Guess Amy always was a bit of a dreamer, Mark.

Amy: Exactly! Thank you! Thank you! (sings badly) To dream the impossible dream! To fight the unbeatable foe To bear with unbearable sorrow And to run where the brave dare not go . . .

Ellen: My take is that the brave dare not go to hear that kinda singing, Amy.

Jane: Care to kinda clue the rest of us in on what this rocket-enabled coat hanger is supposed to do?

Amy, proudly: This . . is Project X!

all actors look back and forth at each other, trying to figure it out

Mark: “X” as in “extremely silly”?

Willy: Or “extra unbelievable”?

Todd: Actually looks to me like a USO.

Ellen: A USO?

Todd: Yeppers, “Unidentified Something or Other”.

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