Excuses On Trial

  • Cast Number: 10
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 15:11-32
There is a judgement being handed down in the courtroom, and someone is paying for the guilty party's crime. Who would take the punishment for the crimes that someone else has committed? Who??

Sample pf script:

all are on stage, Jessop is in the audience

Bailiff: The case of the state versus Johnson, Your Honour.

Pam Johnson comes to front, is seated in witness stand, Bailiff administers oath

Bailiff: State your name please.

Johnson: Pamela Jane Johnson.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Johnson, confidently: I do.

Prosecutor: Your Honour, Ms. Johnson is accused of income tax evasion, failure to report on earnings.

Judge: And how does your client plead, Counsellor?

Defender: Not guilty, Your Honour. If I may point out certain facts, Your Honour, this can be very quickly resolved.

Judge: Very well, proceed, Counsellor.

Defender: Ms. Johnson, will you please state for the record your civic, community and church affiliations.

Johnson: I am very proud of my record. I was chosen “Woman Entrepreneur” last year, am special advisor to the Mayor, chairperson of the United Appeal and on the board of my church.

Prosecutor: I object, Your Honour! What relevance does the accused’s public standing have to the charges at hand?

Judge: I am pleased you asked that question, Ms. Prosecutor, I was about to do so. Perhaps, Counsellor, you would favour both of us with an answer.

Defender: The impeccable standing and credentials of my client speak for the fact that she is certainly innocent of these charges.

Judge: You lost me, Counsellor. What has the reputation of your client got to do with the guilt or innocence in this case? While perhaps irregular, the Court chooses to ask a direct question of the defendant. Ms. Johnson, are you guilty of the charges as read against you?

Johnson: Well, Your Hon .. . . .

Defender: Your Honour! I object!

Judge: You do? On what grounds? Regardless, your objections are overruled. Now then, Ms. Johnson, did you, or did you not fail to report income as prescribed by law?

Johnson, uncomfortable: Well, actually, yes, Your Honour. I didn’t quite report all income.

Judge: May I remind you that you are under oath, Ms. Johnson. Now then, did you, or did you not, fail to report income?

Johnson: I did fail to report income, Your Honour.

Judge: Then you are guilty as charged, are you not?

Defender: I object, Your Honour! Ms. Johnson can not be treated as an ordinary criminal. I demand that you take into account her impeccable character and background.

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