Felix, Festus & Fritz

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Acts 24
Paul meets up with some really interesting people.

Sample of script:

all actors come on stage, actors freeze in place when not performing

Felix: Look, I will get to you later, OK? What you are asking, it’s not that simple, not that cut and dried! One must evaluate all factors. Use the head, not the heart I always say.

You think it’s easy, don’t you? Just listen to the facts, make a decision, move on. Yah, right! As if! Nothing, nothing is that simple. If it was all that clear, fact is you likely haven’t got all the facts. Gotta take your time, think it through, weigh the options, sleep on it maybe. Yes, sleep. Things always look better in the morning. Fact is, by morning the matter has often gone away, no need to make a decision at all.

Me, afraid to make a decision? Not too likely! Decision making, that’s my job. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Not usually. Nope, just so long as you allow yourself time to work your way through it, no easy answers here I tell ya. But I’m not about to go and make a decision just so I can say I made a decision, get what I’m saying? Others, they think that way, not me.

I’ve seen them all, the “shoot from the hip” type, “you’ve got a question -I’ve got an answer” type. They don’t last. Sure as sin, along comes a problem they misjudge, they are history. Not me, I’m here for the long haul, stay the course, everything steady as she goes, no ripples, clear sailing. Give the people what they want but, same time, don’t be silly.

I have a wife and kids and a mortgage, no reason to jeopardize my future. Little luck I get a transfer to Home Office.

You want me to what? Look, you are talking about what is right and what is wrong, about using self-control, about what tomorrow might bring. Just leave that kinda talk alone, I’m too busy putting out fires to think of that. You just take it easy, give me some time, tell you what, I’ll call you sometime. Maybe next week. No, I’m tied up next week. No problem, I know where you live. I’m not about to forget you. You know that.

Look, you want to move your case up, maybe better grease the palm. Told you, I have a wife, kids and a big mortgage. But, no matter, you take it easy, I will have one of my guys get back to you. Soon, likely.No, I don’t want you to call me. Last thing I need! Look, guy in my position needs to take it cool. This kinda situation scares me, powder keg actually.

Hey, I told you, not a chance I’m gonna forget you, I care deeply about what you are going through. But I will choose the time and the place, OK? Now just stay where you are, safer that way. Yes, of course I will get back soon. Real soon. If I can.

Festus: Hey, let me tell you something right now, I pride myself on being impartial! I’m not gonna line up on either side, I’m here for everyone. (gestures to the left) I can easy see your point of view, (gestures to the right), I can feel right at home with you as well. I want to be the voice of reconciliation, know what I mean?

(looks to the left) Tell you what, I want to sit down with your people, talk through your feelings, I want your input, are you with me? Sit down together, get to know what makes us tick you might say.

(looks to right) Look, I’m not your enemy. I want to be with you every step of the way. I see some real benefit in what you stand for, you bet I do. So you open up with me, tell me what’s what, maybe I can do something. But level with me, OK?

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