Fishers of Sheep

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 10:711
Peter and Andrew are having trouble with the Good Shepherd concept

Sample of acript:

Pete and Andy enter from different sides of stage

Pete: Hey, Andy, how’s things?

Andy: Hi Pete. Been better, you wanna know the truth.

Pete: Really? Care to share?

Andy: I’m confused, seems like.

Pete: How so?

Andy: Well, it’s just that Jesus sometimes is confusing when he talks with us, as though he’s talking in riddles.

Pete: He calls them parables. Might sometimes be confusing, but ya gotta admit, makes you wake up and listen, for sure! What was the parable today?

Andy: Jesus was back on the subject of sheep at the meeting today.

Pete: Not again! Andy, I wish Jesus would stop talking about sheep so much. I don’t even like sheep. Besides, they stink!

Andy, wipes his feet: Try following them around in the pen why don’t you?

Pete: It’s the same with you, I pass! Yuck! Those smelly things!

Andy, smelling something: You came here straight from the boat, didn’t you?

Pete: Yep, rushed right over!

Andy: I can tell. You know, we really have to talk to Zebedee about that new experimental fish variety he is trying out in the lake this year.

Pete: You mean, “Palmetrious Unconvarnelis”? Zebedee is some excited about the potential for those fish! He calls them, (emphasize), “PU” fish.

Andy, holding nose: I can see why he would!

Andy: But back to those sheep, they are so dumb! I can even prove how dumb they are!

Pete: How’s that?

Andy: Well, you know when those traveling shows come through our villages? Sometimes they have trick dogs, trick monkeys – I even saw a trick cat once. But, tell me, ever seen a trick sheep?

Pete: You’ve got me there, Andy. Anyhow, why do you suppose Jesus would call Himself the Good Shepherd? Why you suppose He wants us to be furball chasers? Why not call Himself, (puffs up his chest), the “Good Fisherman”?

Andy: Yeah, and instead of saying “I’m the sheep gate”, He could say “I’m the opening in the good net.” And He could even say, “I will make you fishers of sheep.”

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