Freedom in Christ

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 2Corinthians 3:17
Independence Day drama, showing how freedom is freedom in Christ and how it is Christ who sets you free.

Sample of script:

Bob comes on stage to see all other actors standing at attention

Bob: Hey, what are you guys doing standing here in a straight line, not moving, looks like you aren’t even breathing.

others glare at Bob, don’t move or respond

Bob, walks in front of each one in turn, talks to each: Helllloooooo! Anybody home? Helllloooo! Wakey, wakey!

actors become increasingly upset with Bob

Alice, annoyed: Would you mind?

Liz: Nothing I hate worse than someone who shows up at events like this and doesn’t have the decency to show some respect.

Bob: Respect? Respect what?

Tom: Our country, try!

Bob: Respect our country? Someone saying I don’t respect my country? I shall have you know that Bob Jefferson respects his country as much as the next guy!

Alice: Perhaps you would like to show it a bit by showing some decorum?

Bob: Decorum? What’s decorum, and anyhow what does that have to do with anything?

Tom: Decorum is acting in a respectful manner.

Bob: Oh there we go again, saying I don’t respect my country. . . . . (looks at each of the actors) . . . . Mind tellin’ me why for you are all standing there, hands over heart? . . . Don’t tell me, you guys been eatin’ out down at Chilli Charlie’s, haven’t you? I swear that food ol’ Charlie serves up would make a steel tank sweat!

Liz: Oh give me a break! Where have you been all your life? Our hand on our heart is a sign of respect!

Tom: Perhaps you might consider doing the same?

Bob: Let me get this straight .. . You guys holding your hands over your hearts is a sign of respect? So now you are respecting your heart? I didn’t realize this is Heart and Stroke Month.

Alice: Oh really Bob, what do you think this is all about? What day is it?

Bob: Let’s see, it’s not Monday, I know that. And it’s not my birthday. . . . (thinks) . . . Could you give me a hint?

Liz: Try “independence”!

Bob, with pride: My home town!

Tom: What about your home town?

Bob: Independence. Independence, Wyoming*. Town where I was born. Sad kinda, I can’t go back there no more though.

*(Wyoming was chosen since it is one of the very few states where there appears not to be a town by the name of Independence)

Tom: Why can’t you go back. . . (looks at others) and why am I asking?

Bob: They shut her down. All two families moved out, nothing there now except the old barber chair used to be in Blind Jack’s Barber Shop and Taxidermy.

Alice: . . the barber was . . . blind?

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