• Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Galatians 5:22,23
Two puppets (could be regular drama) reflect on the need for gentleness, how complaining is unsettling but gentleness is soothing. How gentleness was displayed by the Lamb of God, Jesus, and is remembered in a Grandma reading a story from the Bible.

Sample of script:

actors are on stage

Billie: Borinnnnnnnng! It is so boring around here on a rainy day! Nothin’ to do!

Bobbie: Got that right, Billie! But surely there must be something to do.

Billie: Wanna give me a “for instance”, Bobbie?

Bobbie: Well, I don’t know, like maybe . . . . not sure, don’t you have any ideas? What does your family do on wet days when you can’t do any worthwhile stuff?

Billie: Complain, mostly!

Bobbie: Other than complaining.

Billie: I dunno. Sometimes we play games.

Bobbie: How do you play games, Billie, can’t do outside, it’s too wet.

Billie: No, I mean like, games in your mind.

Bobbie: Such as . . . .

Billie: I dunno, . . .well there used to be this game we would play, someone would say a word and everyone would say a word that we thought of when we heard that word.

Bobbie: I can see why that game never made it onto television.

Billie: You have a better idea I suppose Bobbie McAllister?

Bobbie: Big.

Billie: What do you mean, “big”?

Bobbie: You said we were supposed to think of a word, then the next guy would think of a word that he thought of when he . . .oh you know! So what is the word you think of when I say “big”?

Billie: I duuno. God.

Bobbie: I say “big” and you say “God”?

Billie: Yep. God. God is big. He is everywhere.

Bobbie: Well, yeh, I guess. Okay, your turn.

Billie: Let’s see. “Yucky”.

Bobbie: “Yucky”? You can’t say “yucky”, Billie!

Billie: Just did, Bobbie, so there! Now you tell me the word that you think of when I say “yucky”.

Bobbie: This is tough, “yucky”. . . , let’s see. I know! Kissin’ boys (girls).

Billie, gagging: Oh, gross! “Kissin’ boys (girls).” That is way past yucky!

Bobbie: I know. (pauses) How about “soft”?

Billie: Soft? That would be my Grandma.

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