Getting Across

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 5:16
Who will bridge the gap? Many try to fill the gap between man and God with good deeds, a clean life and even with attending church. However, the only way to bridge the gap is through Christ. This is a brief drama that asks the question of how to bridge that gap.
Understanding the connection, good deeds, clean living, atonement, mercy, salvation.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as actors enter stage right. As they approach the “wall”, they stop before the gap, realizing they will not be able to get across.

Sam, looking all around: What have we here?

Denise: Well, it looks like this could be a challenge! A straight drop down to the rocks below, no way to get around at either end. Nothing to lift us across, nothing to use to build a bridge. So, you are the idea person, tell me, how do we get to the other side?

Sam: Yes, I truly am the idea person. And what we shall do, I suppose, is to weigh our options. Let’s see, just gonna call on MD2HR, my handy dandy pocket brain (pretends to punch information into calculator). . . . width across is . . . . uh huh. And the drop is, let’s see . . . . . yes, that would be quite close there. And the wind velocity is . . . . . yes, yes . . . . and the angle of the sun means that we will have a vertical lift factor of . . . . good, good.

Denise: Got it figured out huh? Great! So, tell me, how do we get across?

Sam: Yes, of course I have it figured out . . . let’s see . . . just getting the final figures here . . . . just as I thought . . . we could take a running leap across!

Sam, very hesitant: A running leap across? You’ve got to be kidding! What happens if we don’t make it, (looking down at the floor), that’s a pretty long drop if we miss.

Sam: You may be right. Maybe best not try that. Wait, let me hit the “Option 2” button here.

Denise: Great, I’m sure thankful for Option 2, I’ll tell you! . . . .So, what does Option 2 have to say?

Sam: Well, says here, “how about laying a really long ladder across and walking right over the gap?” Aren’t you really impressed with this sweet little machine of mine! Just like that! “how about laying a really long ladder across and walking right over the gap?” Man, this machine is worth it’s weight I’m gonna tell ya! Without these kind of tools, why we would never figure this out until, well, never, actually!

Denise: I’m with you. A really good idea. Except for one tiny little thing.

Sam: And that would be . . . . . fraid your wrong though, this little beaut don’t never make mistakes I want you to know!

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