God of the Common People

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 9
Jesus indeed associated with the common people, people just like us.

Sample of script:

Crowd of people with their backs to audience, watching intently upstage.Mary comes from an upstage position, works her way downstage through the crowd, Elizabeth turns as Mary, deep ion thought walks by, Elizabeth speaks

Elizabeth: Do my old eyes play tricks, can it truly be? (pause, Mary doesn’t react) Mary, old friend, is it you? (Mary looks at Elizabeth, no recognition) Mary, you remember me, Elizabeth, we lived just down the street from you. My husband Eli, rest his soul, he bought the carpenter business from your Joseph when your husband first took ill.

Mary: Oh, Elizabeth, forgive me, my mind was chasing rainbows. How are you Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: You know how it is, a widow woman looking after a family. Luckily my sons have had the good sense to stay around home, work in the business, provide for their poor old mother. And what of you Mary?

Mary: I am well, busy, never home very much.

Elizabeth: Your son, your eldest, I take it, he is still . . . not settled down?

Mary: Settled down? No, I guess you could say not settled down. Jesus preaches all over Judea, Samaria, far and wide.

Elizabeth: Samaria? Now why for would a Jewish boy go preaching to Samaritans? I mean, we all know how they are! I mean if he has to preach, why not stay in his own hometown temple? Oh, did I mention, my Lazarus, he’s such a mother’s dream, he has been asked to become an elder in the temple. Perhaps he can put in a good word for your boy, maybe he can preach in the temple, settle down, raise a family. Did I mention Lazarus now has six children, beautiful, strapping boys; gorgeous girls; fathers are already asking that Lazarus promise his daughters for their sons!

Mary: How nice. You must be proud.

Elizabeth: Like I say, my family they stay at home, no traipsing around the country. No big dreams and slim purses with my children, I tell you. Speaking of which, where is Jesus at now?

Mary: Jesus is here speaking to this crowd.

Elizabeth: Some crowd! See those men? Shepherds. Always I worry when shepherds are about. Like my boy Lazarus always says, “where shepherds hang out, purses grow wings!” And that woman, over there. (points off-stage, protests when Mary goes to look) Don’t look now, she is looking! Woman of the night! A . . forget it! Words my lips can not pronounce is what she is! So you say your son hangs out with shepherds and . . . loose women? Oh, my, my, my! Next you will tell me he breaks bread with tax collectors!

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