Gods Hall Of Faith - Abraham

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Hebrews 11
Abraham talks with his good friend Simeon about how God is leading in Abraham's life, his promise to provide a son to Sarah in her old age. This drama is all about believing what is humanly unbelievable.

Sample of script:

Abraham is on stage when Simeon enters the stage

Simeon: Dear friend Abraham, I wanted to drop by, to see you, it has been a while.

Abraham: Blessings on you, Simeon, good to see you. How is the wife?

Simeon: Marion is fine, I appreciate that you asked, and she passes along her respects to you and to your wife. She asks, how is Hannah these days?

Abraham: My wife is well.

Simeon: We are sorry that she continues to feel so distraught over not having a child. She should remember that not all women are to become mothers.

Abraham: We have received news on that, I must tell you.

Simeon: First, tell me what is happening here at your estate. The whole town of Ur is a-buzz with wonder at what is happening. We have noticed that you are packing up; a holiday I presume.

Abraham: No, I am moving away. Permanently.

Simeon: You, but listen, dear friend, why would you move now, at your age, with all that you have going for you here in Ur. May I be blunt, old friend, you are well up in age. Moving about, starting new lives is for the young.

Abraham: The decision has been made Simeon, all that is left is to finish packing and get all of our property in order.

Simeon: I can not believe this! Whatever possessed you to make this decision?

Abraham, chuckles softly: Possessed? Yes, perhaps I am possessed. Possessed by the Lord God Jehovah. It was as I was talking with God that He told me I was to leave Ur.

Simeon: Let me try to understand. After receiving a message which you believe was from God, you will leave all this and move away.

Abraham: God said.

Simeon: You believe.

Abraham: Yes, I do. That is faith.

Simeon: Believing in something unseen is folly.

Abraham: Things seen do not require faith - only vision, feel, smell. However, faith does not equate to blind faith.

Simeon: And how does one distinguish between faith and blind faith when neither can be seen?

Abraham: Take the coins from your pouch. They have different values. But each is of a value established by those who govern us. Suppose that someone brought you a coin, just like this one, but of a different value.

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