God The Provider

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: 1Timothy 6:17
God is our Provider and strength. He grants strength in ways that carry us through the tough times. God may not keep us from the storms, but He will help us through the storms.

Sample of script:

scene opens as Tim enters stage left and at the same time, Brian enters stage right. They meet at center stage.

Tim, incredulous: Brian? Is it you?

Brian: Oh, hi Tim. Yep, it’s me all right.

Brian: Of all the people I never expected to see around (gestures with hand) around here. What in the world would bring Mr. (Ms) Successful Businessperson down here?

Brian: Hi, Tim. Yeah, I thought I would come down and visit the old neighbourhood.

Tim: Old neighbourhood? (thinks for a moment) Yeah, you’re right about that. This area is getting old, kinda run down, huh?

Brian, (smiling): Not us, just this place!

Tim: Right! So what brings you down here to the projects?

Brian: I was just thinking about a little boy, that’s all.

Tim: A little boy? Down here? This place is a long way from your high-falutin’ office tower! How would you know anyone down here?

Brian: No, not here. It’s one of my employees who lives in an older part of town, her son is having some trouble right now.

Tim: You have lost me. If you are trying to help a child in another part of town, why are you down here?

Brian: Guess you could say I am going back to visit the past.

Tim: I get it. You knew a child who lived down here, huh?

Brian, hesitates, looks at Tim: Yes . . . yes, I guess you could say that.

Tim: This kid you knew; he, she . . .

Brian: He.

Tim: . . . he had a tough childhood?

Brian: Oh yes, very tough.

Tim: It’s hard just getting by sometimes, staying out of trouble. This kid you knew, he got into trouble?

Brian: Yeah. Constantly in trouble, seemed like.

Tim: What kind of trouble?

Brian: You name it. It was an area a lot like this one – no real houses, no grass or trees – not a sign of hope anywhere.

Tim: There’s lots of kids living like that.

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