The Fall Of Jericho

  • Cast Number: 13
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Joshua 1-6
a modern day look at the Battle of Jericho, mimed performance with narration

Sample of script:

Act 1

Welcome, welcome. Thank you for joining us today at the camp of the Israelites (Gods chosen people) here on the east side of the river Jordan. It is an exciting day for sure. I would like to draw your attention to Joshua, the newly appointed leader of the Israelite people, as he dances his way into the camp. Look at him over there jumping around and hopping up and down and wiggling. He has got some news.He calls the leaders together to make an announcement. Before he begins, he clears his throat, really loudly. “Guys, God says to get everyone packed up. We are crossing the river to take hold of the land that God is giving to us.”

The leaders are so excited because they have waited their whole lives for this! They jump up and down. They hug each other. They whistle.

Joshua clears his throat again and adds, “ Oh yeah, guys, there are people already living there so, you know, we might have to, um, fight for it.”

Act 2


Well, here we are with the Israelite and their leader Joshua, who, you may recall is brand new to the job. How will the Israelites react to this latest news? Will they beat Joshua up? Will they start to cry and head for Egypt?

The Israelites look at each other, scratch their heads, scratch their friends head, and say, “Josh, if you are listening to God, we will listen to you. But don’t be a wimp, O.K., just do whatever He says.”

And they all gather around Joshua and pat him on the back and shake his hand. And they go off to tell the rest of the people to get packing!

But Joshua grabs ahold of 2 of the guys by their arms and holds onto them and won’t let them leave. They struggle back and forth and try to get away but finally they just stand still and ask Joshua what he wants.

“Well,” he says “could you two go and look over the land that we are headed into on the other side of the river. You know, spy it out for us. Take a really good look at the town of Jericho.”

“You got it, dude!” they say. And off they go!

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