The Prodigal Returns

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Luke 15:11-32
the return of the prodigal daughter, in a contemporary application

Sample of script:

Voice Over (Or Pastor introducing the sermon):The prodigal daughter prepares for the feast.(Prodigal and Butler Enter the set)

Butler: Ma'am, I am here to help prepare you for the celebration this evening.

Prodigal: Ohh I'm prepared I've been hungry for weeks.

Butler: I'm sure you have Ma'am , what I meant Ma'am was (short pause as he thinks) your appearance (she shoots him a nasty look, and he pauses again) your appearance would be fine for many situations such as slopping pigs, however tonight we want to put our best foot forward.

Prodigal: (Moves shoe forward) Are you making fun of my feet?

Butler: Not at all Ma'am, let's start with that bucket (wrinkles nose) what may I ask is in there.

Prodigal: It's an extra bucket of pig slop. In case I get real hungry.

Butler: Ma'am there will be plently of food, but I will need to take that.(The Butler reaches towards the bucket, Prodigal pulls away - the two go back and forth then with a big pouty look the prodigal lets go of the bucket, the Butler takes it and sets it a few feet to the other side of himself)

Prodigal: (Points and Yells excited) Oh No! There's someone drinking tea from a coffee cup!! (The Butler gasps and looks the Prodigal smiles and grabs the bucket, the Butler looks back and grimaces)

Butler: (Points at the floor) Look a dime! (The prodigal sets down the bucket, and gets on their knees to get the dime pulls out a ragged coin purse and puts it in there . Meanwhile the Butler gets the bucket and hides it off stage, when he returns they are both looking at the coin purse.)

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