The Right Person

  • Cast Number: 4
  • Run-time: 15 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:12
"Slaves" are offered for auction, but someone has already bought them.We are all tempted but we have all been bought, Satan will no longer have us in his grip if we confess our sins and ask the Lord to live in our hearts.

Sample of script:

World brings in Tony and Jerry, throws them to the floor

World: There! Let the bidding begin! Two fine specimens!

Satan walks over, laughing haughtily, looks Tony and Jerry over, smiles approvingly

Satan: My, my, my, my, my! And what does World bring me this time? Fine specimens, you say, World? Very ordinary it seems. But I am prepared to take them off your hands.

World: Off my hands? Don’t try your scheming way with me, I see the calculating look in your eye.

Satan, walks up to World, looks him in the eye: Calculating is it? And I see the greed in yours, World.

World: Would you expect I do this for merriment? But we are wasting time! Who will have these two fine young ones? Will it be you or . . . . . (looks upward) He?

Satan: Oh, never fear World, it will be me, World! Only I would have interest in ones so, . . .so, . . so, incredibly uninteresting! They are simply available . . . the right people, at the right place, at the right time, doing, I dare say . . .doing the wrong things!

World: So then, what am I offered for bringing these to you?

Satan: Offered? What do I offer you, World? The same as I have offered you all along. Success, entertainment, wealth, status, oh, yes, and don’t forget, . . . . sin! I offer you sin, World! Luxurious sin! (Satan laughs diabolically)

Tony: Please! Please! Let me go! You didn’t tell me it would be like this, World.

Satan: Oh, my, my, my! Your prisoner wishes to be released, World! (stares menacingly at Tony) You made your choice! Now, quiet!

Jerry: Leave him/her alone! S/he didn’t understand, I didn’t understand! We knew we were the right people at the right place at the right time, we didn’t realize the consequences of doing the wrong thing!

World: Oh, my, my! Poor baby! Shedding tears over the choices you have made!

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