The Sabbot Experience

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Exodus 20:8
This drama discusses the role of women, and the meaning of the Sabbath. Many women of the Bible tell of their encounters with the Lord and the reason they observe the Holy Sabbath.

Sample of script:

Actor walks on stage and looks around. Gets visibly frustrated the more she looks around as if she knows how much work has to be done. She may wipe her brow, ring out her sponge, etc. After a brief time of this, she looks up at audience, and smiles, as if an invisible friend has stopped by. During the entire monologue, she looks out into the audience at one spot.

Actress: Well, you’ve finally showed up! (Smiles). Just kidding. I thought maybe I had some help arrive when you walked in! Can you believe the mess one family can make? I look at my wonderful husband and my two beautiful children and smile and think to myself, what do you people think this is – a garbage dump?

Oh, well. I guess this is my role in life. Yes, (sarcastically), I turned down a career in theatre, (pronounce theatah), so I could devote more time to that of (speaking in mock Shakespearian accent), scrubbing the grimeth offeth my bathroom flooreth. Who needs to be the center of attention, anyway, right? Not me! I am perfectly happy using my college degree to figure out how to get Slime-Goo out of Barbie’s hair!

I shouldn’t talk like that, should I? No one forced me into this life – it just sort of happened. There I was, fifteen years ago – newly married and madly in love with my tall, mysterious man. Nowadays the only thing mysterious in my life is that brown lump that’s growing on the bottom shelf in my fridge!

(Smiles.) That kind of mystery is okay, too! I guess this is my role in life – to serve. Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. I enjoy being busy and serving others. I consider this my gift. I work hard to provide others with the opportunity to have a time of peace and renewal. Sounds complicated? It’s really quite simple.

Throughout history, women have been the ones to be depended on for many of life’s essentials. Most families wouldn’t eat without the woman preparing the food. Most holidays or special occasions are completely dependant on the woman. Sound familiar to you? Also, years ago, before our busy lifestyles took over, it was common for Sunday to be strictly observed as the Sabbath, a day of spiritual renewal. All work would stop for this one day. However, one thing we overlook is that the woman’s role couldn’t stop on the Sabbath. Families had to eat, children had to be cared for – this work couldn’t stop.

But this is all okay, because that is just the accepted role of women – to be servants.So, when is the woman’s time for peace and renewal? For that answer, I think about women in the Bible, those to whom the Sabbath was a meaningful time.

Actress moves into open stage area, if available, lights on this area come up to show the Biblical women who are frozen in position. Actress approaches Ruth, carefully sizes her up, speaks while looking at Ruth.

Actress: Ruth here, she left the security and the familiarity of the known to go, she really knew not where. But she struck out, knowing only that once this journey was undertaken there would be no turning back – no coming back.

Oh, the story of Ruth! A story of love and devotion, transcending all limits, unhampered by self-interest and national prejudice. This story tells of Ruth here, and her mother-in-law Naomi, two women, alone, struggling to survive and establish themselves in a patriarchal society.You know the story, how Ruth, Naomi, and Ruth’s sister-in-law, Orpah, all widows, set out from Moab, . . . . . . .

Actress freezes, as Ruth comes to life.

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