The Sacrifice

  • Cast Number: 8
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: John 3:16
Twins travelling in different life directions arrive at a point where one must sacrifice all he has, including reputation, for the good of the other. This two scene drama in a small way mirrors what Jesus did for all by giving his life for us.

Sample of script:

Scene I – Bare stage, Nick, Sarge, Sam and gang members standing around at center stage, congratulating Sam

Sarge: You done good ma man!

Nick: I have to admit, maybe I was wrong about you kid. Maybe tougher than I thought, tougher than you look.

Sam, proud: Didn’t I tell you guys I could handle that old guy in the motel office?

Nick: Ya, you did Sam, but look, next time, when the mark forks over the money, no need for slappin’ him around, I mean the guy was old and . . .

Sarge: What you talkin’ about Nick, the old guy was makin’ noise, Sam he done good, shuttin’ the old guy down, way I see it. I mean, you are the boss and all Nick but . . . . .

Nick, holding a knife near Sage’s neck: Glad you noticed that little detail, Sarge. Matter-of-fact yes, I am the boss, and I say I am not about to go down for any Sunday school boy when he gets stupid and knocks off somebody’s Grandpa then sings like a budgie bird.

Sarge: I know Sam, I recruited him if you remember. Sam don’t squeal if he gets caught, I’d stake my life on it!

Nick, acidly to the other gang members: Oh do you hear this guys? Sarge here she stakes her life on the Sunday school boy Sam not squealing! Hear that?

(others laugh, shake their heads)

Nick: Sarge here, she’s more right than what she even knows. Cause if Sunday school boy here goes stupid, beats on somebody’s old Grampa, he dies, then for sure Sarge here stakes her life. And the rest of us guys we stake our life too, cause when Sunday school boy Sam gets caught, first thing he does is sing like he was in the church choir. Yeh for sure, we all stake our life . . . make it 20 years to life, for murder 1!

Sam, frightened: Murder? Murder? You mean the old guy is . . .

Nick: No, he’s not dead. Not when we left there, at least. Only reason he isn’t dead is the guys here pulled you off him when you went wacko! Maybe he’s dead by now, maybe he’s not. But even if the old guy lives, next time, unless you smarten up, you’re not gonna be so lucky!

Sam: OK, so maybe I went overboard a bit, give me a break, it was my first time, I’ll learn, you just watch!

Nick: Maybe so, maybe no. First thing you learn, get rid of your clothes, you got blood all over them.

Sam: I will wash them when I get home, not about to dump these Dockers, cost me hundred and forty-five bucks last week.

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