The Survivors

  • Cast Number: 7
  • Run-time: 25 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Ephesians 6:15
Developed along the lines of the popular TV series, this drama looks at the preparation and struggles of surviving with, and without, God's presence in our lives.

Sample of script:

Two groups are lined up at opposite sides of the stage

Offstage voice: There! Let the games begin! Two fine groups, who will survive, who will win our big prize? You all know the rules, . . .actually there really are no rules! It’s surviving the game of life, and there will be only one person left standing at the end, and that lucky person will win it all!

Members of the two groups high-five each other, urge each other on

Jane: It’s in the bank, we can do this! I have been in training forever it seems, just for this big break. And, just to think, I will walk away a millionaire.

Alice: Nice to hear that you are all fired up and positive, it’s good for the team, but, Jane, I’m sure not conceding that it will be you who will be the last one standing. I think I have an awesome chance myself.

Jane: Sorry, you picked me up wrong, did I say “I”, I meant we, our team, we.

Peter: Course you did, Jane. I will be keeping a close eye on you.

Alice: And what of you Peter? I’m surprised to see you here so friendly, weren’t you Andrea’s best bud? Always hangin’ out together with Andrea, “friends til the end”, I believe was the motto?

Jane: Hey, that’s right! You guys were supposedly so tight! Yet, as I recall, it was you who proposed voting Andrea out of the game last night.Peter: You bought that? You should know all I was doing was playing along with Andrea, he was out to get you two. I have really been supporting you two all along.

Jane: Sure you were! Maybe stay in front of me, not behind my back, ok?

Peter: That hurt. I’m disappointed you would feel that way.

Alice: Yeh, right! I can see the disappointment all over your face. Anyway, our hosts have asked us to draw up a list of six things we want to help us survive here on the desert for the next 8 weeks. We need to decide on how we are going to get those supplies before the other team steals them away from us.

Jane: Don’t think you need to worry too much about them, they seem as though they would help us take away their share. Real different attitude over in that camp!

point over to Group 2 who begin speaking

Tony: I miss Tanya. I’m sorry the way it worked out for her.

Marie: I feel badly about her as well. But she made her choice, just as we have.

Jeff: Doesn’t seem fair you know. The Survivor rules are awfully tough. I mean, just one slip and you’re out of the game.

Tony: You are right. And now we have to decide the six things we want to select to help us survive out here in the desert. How are we supposed to make those kind of decisions?

Marie: Well, I just so happen to have a reference book here that might help us decide what to choose.

Jeff: How did you get to bring that along?

Tony: You know, we all were allowed to bring two things with us on location. I brought my toothbrush and hair dryer.

Jeff: Tooth brush and hair dryer, Tony? I hate to break this to you but . . . a tooth brush without toothpaste just somehow doesn’t cut it. And the hair dryer thingie . . . . . not a good thing out here where there is no electricity.

Tony: Thanks a lot, Jeff, now you tell me! But this reference book of yours Marie, just what is this reference book?

Marie: Well, it’s called The Living Bible.

Jeff: The Bible? You brought your Bible out here Marie? You know, all of a sudden the toothbrush and hair dryer doesn’t sound like such a bad choice.

Tony: Isn’t that the truth. Mind if I ask, Tony, just what led you to believe that the Living Bible could have anything to do with The Survivor Show?

Marie: OK, tell me, what does this sound like to you? “ .. .and when it is all over you will still be standing”.

Tony: Sounds like The Survivors commercial, and there is no way that came out of your Living Bible, Marie!

Marie: ‘Fraid you’re wrong, see, Ephesians 6:15, “So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing”.

Jeff: Maybe taken a little out of context, d’ya think?

Tony: Right, next thing you know you’ll be telling us your Bible lists six things to choose!

Marie: Wanna count ‘em?

Jeff: You can’t be serious?

Tony: Six? I mean . . .

Marie: As in five plus one.

Jeff: I expect you will be telling us what these things are . . . .

Tony: I can hardly wait . . . timely suggestions? Not!

Marie: Well, let’s see . . .what does it say here? Ummmmm, well there is a belt, protective covering, shoes, a safeguard, a hat and an expert to talk with. let’s see, one, two, three, four, five, . . . yep, six things suggested here.

Jeff: This is incredible, here, let me see that . . . .

Jeff takes the Bible from Marie, Group 2 freezes, action at Group 1

Jane: Look guys, that group seem to be scheming about what they want to choose, if we don’t get at it they will have chosen all the good stuff.

Alice: I’m with Jane, let’s get our heads together and make a plan before we get blasted. I’ve already spent part of the million, can’t afford to lose now!

Peter: You have spent part of the million? Funny, I can’t recall giving you permission to spend my money! Let me tell you . . . .

Jane: People! the only winners if we argue will be the group across the way. Now let’s get busy! We can choose six items, that’s two for each of us. I thought that for my first choice I would go with . . . money!

Peter: No way! Not fair, I wanted to have the . . . . .

Alice: Peter, what are you complaining about? There is lots to go around. For my first choice I thought I would choose . . . . beauty!

Peter: Fine you two, then I’m taking strength!

Jane: I was going to take strength! OK, then, happiness is mine!

Alice: Charm!

Peter: Intelligence is my final choice!

Jane: I can not believe you two! I win! I have the money, and that brings my happiness!

Peter: Look around, Jane. See anywhere to spend your money? The money is worthless!

Jane: You mean . . . . Well, then, I’ve just lost my happiness as well, the only reason I was happy was because I had money.

Alice: Guess we will be saying bye-bye to Jane soon, won’t we?

Peter: Wouldn’t talk, Alice, your beauty and charm will wither in an hour in this hot desert sun.

Alice: Like . . . . gone? It can’t be, I mean I . . . .

Peter, laughing: Time to vote you into history, Alice!

Jane: And what are you laughing about, Peter? You have strength, and you have intelligence. Look around you, every person among the Survivors was selected for their intelligence. And everyone of us has been training for more than a year, so we all have strength. Nope, ‘fraid you lost it too, Peter friend! Looks like if there is going to be a winner, it will be from that group over there.

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