The Widow and the Two Mites

  • Cast Number: 6
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Malachi 3:8-10

a story of real giving. We should give beyond what we can afford. God wants our tithes and offerings. Written by Karl Wagner

CASTWidow Dignified, though obviously poor. She is not a beggar. She is kind and sensible.
Susanna The daughter of the widow. 30s-40s. She is also poor, but maintains dignity. She is responsible and a little weary. Dedicated wife.
Jacob Susanna’s son. Thirteenish, wise, alert, eager to learn.Ira Susanna’s husband. Late 40s, used to hard work and difficult living. Dedicated husband.
Asa Widow’s son, the eldest child. Although poor, a little pretentious, and impulsive. Easily excited. Basically dedicated, but sort of in his own world.
Deborah Asa’s wife. Quiet, unassuming. Patient of Asa and his shortcomings, dedicated wife.
There are various extras in the market scenes, as much or as little as you wish. Use your imagination for settings costumes, etc. although it is set in New Testament times.

This story requires two scenarios running at once.

Upon lights up there should be some audible dialog from the scene of the widow placing her two mites in the offering. Such as, so little, hardly worth it. Who does she think she is? Etc.

The first running scenario is the widow who has given the two mites walking through the market area. Lights come up but dim, though enough to see clearly. There should be a lot of business here. She hands something to someone that they left, kindness to a child, conversations, etc. nothing is audible, all pantomimed. Also several shopkeepers give her small things, food, a basket, a blanket, milk, etc. This must be timed so that she arrives at the house set on cue.
At the same time the dialog scene is being carried out in brighter light. This can be to either side of the stage opposite the widow/market, or might work better, in front, say at a lower level than the widow/market scenario.
Jacob, a young boy of about thirteen, enters the house set. His mother Susanna is in the house preparing food for the evening meal. As Jacob enters, Susanna, although basically sympathetic to her son’s desire to follow the teacher, Jesus, is, as his mother a little upset at his being late.

Susanna: So, let me guess. You’ve been listening to and watching Jesus again today?

Jacob: Yes, I was. Why do you ask?

Susanna: Because the lessons that you need to do are still not done. Does this Jesus encourage laziness? Does He advocate disrespect?

Jacob: No, mother, He does not. I will get to my lessons right away.

Jacob moves to the corner and begins to pick up scrolls, etc.

Susanna: Did you learn anything from this teacher today?

Jacob: Yes, I did. A great lesson. Jesus taught in the Temple today about giving. And it concerns someone we all know.

Ira, Jacob’s father, enters on the great lesson line. He has come home from his day’s labor.

Ira: What is this about a lesson in the Temple?

Susanna: Jacob was just saying he learned a great lesson today from the teacher, Jesus. So, go on and tell us this great lesson, and who was it we all know so well?

Jacob: I will get to that part in a minute. Today as the people were bringing their gifts to God, Jesus stood off to one side and was watching. His disciples were there as well as many others. Many rich people came and put in great amounts of money. Then, an old woman, a widow, came and she put in two mites!

Ira: Two mites! Is that all? She did this in front of thewhole Temple?

Susanna: Wasn’t she embarrassed? So little, hardly worth the trouble of carrying, much less giving.

Ira: So what did the great teacher have to say about that offering to God? Did He set the people straight? Better yet, did He set the widow straight?

Jacob: He said she put in more than all the rest.

Ira: More than all the rest? More than all the rest? Less than 1% of a day’s wages? He must be mad!

Jacob: Jesus said that the others put in of their abundance, but she put in of her need. Her gift had a greater value to God.

Another couple enters. As they enter the man begins to speak, over the previous lines.

Asa: Susanna! Susanna!

Susanna: We are right here Asa, no need to shout.

Asa: You may think differently when I tell what I have heard. My neighbor, the candle maker, told me he saw mother today at the Temple. She created a bit of a commotion when she put in only two mites for the offering. Two mites! Given as an offering to God!

Susanna: Mother? Jacob, you didn’t tell me it was my mother, your grandmother, at the Temple.

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