Totally Lost

  • Cast Number: 3
  • Run-time: 20 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Matthew 18:11
A drama on the lostness of man, we are lost without Jesus. He will show us the way if we have faith and trust in Him and His word.
In this drama the man who is lost is "Dad" and, as is usual for a man, he is not about to stop and ask directions from anyone.
A fun-filled look at lostness.

Sample of script:

actors are sitting on chairs, miming driving a car

Teen: Is it my imagination or is this the fifth time I have seen that highway sign?

Dad: How could you have seen that sign before, we are just entering Plattsville, Kansas. And we have never been in Plattsville, Kansas before.Mom: I agree, we have never been in Plattsville, Kansas before. But, just one question. If we are entering Plattsville, Kansas, why does the sign say “You are entering Pinseville, Georgia”?

Dad: What are you taking about woman? The sign says, “you are entering . . .” what in the world is this?

Mom: We are lost, aren’t we?

Teen: Kansas . . . Georgia. Gee, Mom, you pick up quick on things, don’t you?

Dad: I think I have it now. If we just find the junction of the interstate and . . .

Teen: . . .and travel for six days . . .

Mom: Let’s stop here at the next service station, maybe they can help us.

Dad: Why would we waste time at a service station? Besides, it’s 3 AM, nothing is open. But, no problem, I think I have it figured out. See, here on the map, it’s plain, I see it now, I-64 to I-36, we just must have taken the wrong turn . .

Teen: . . . yep, likely at Detroit.

Mom: What are we going to do, Jim? We are almost out of gas.

Dad: It’s all right Lydia, we will be just fine, must be a 24 hour service station here somewhere.

Teen: Better be soon, the “Low Fuel” light has been on for almost 15 minutes now. Besides, I need to go to the bathroom.

Dad: Didn’t I tell you to go to the bathroom when we stopped last?

Teen: I did, but that was eight hours ago. (pause) Dad, I am scared.

Mom: It will be OK sweetheart, just have patience.

Teen: You don’t sound very convincing. Or convinced. Look, it’s starting to rain. You are right Mom, we are totally lost.

Dad: Nonsense, may I remind you that we are never all alone? This car is fully equipped with GPS monitoring.

Mom: GPS?

Teen: “Gone-astray People Search” would be my hope.

Dad: Not even close. Global Positioning System.

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