Unfailing Companion

  • Cast Number: 2
  • Run-time: 12 minutes
  • Bible Reference: Jeremiah 29:11
being alone, single. Dealing with the pain and anxiety of loneliness. Does God have a plan for me, and when?

Want security? Try the security that God promises! He will never be too busy for us, or loose track of us. God promises to be the unfailing companion in our journey.

Sample of script:

Scene opens as both actresses enter stage left. They begin conversing as soon as they step on to the stage, then continue talking as they take their place at center stage.

Carrie: I am telling you, Deb, this guy is the one!

Deb: Well, I am happy for you, Carrie. I really am.

Carrie: Isn’t it wonderful? I have finally found someone talk with, to go for walks with, and to go for long car rides with!

Deb: Sounds like Skipper’s the one for you!

Carrie, confused: Skipper? Skipper’s my new collie that I just got from the shelter!

Deb: Yeah, aren’t we talking about your dog?

Carrie, upset: No! We most certainly are not talking about my new dog! I was talking about my new boyfriend!

Deb, mocking: Right, your new boyfriend. What was his name again?

Carrie: I’ve told you a million times! His name is Dirk!

Deb, aside: I would have preferred Skipper, if it were me!

Carrie: What did you say?

Deb: Oh, nothing! Tell me more about Dirt!

Carrie, frustrated: That’s Dirk! Not Dirt!

Deb, chuckling: Sorry!

Carrie: Anyway, he is just wonderful! Why just last week we went to that new movie I was talking about.

Deb: But, I thought you said you saw that movie alone.

Carrie: Oh, yes, I saw it alone. There was just a little mix-up in the ticket line and Dirk didn’t hear me say that I had bought a ticket to Gardens of Tomorrow so he bought a ticket to Biker Rumble.

Deb: Well I’m sure they would have changed your ticket if you asked. What did Dirk say about it?

Carrie: Well, funniest thing. When I tried to tell him that we wouldn’t be in the same movie, he just kept walking toward his theatre as if he didn’t hear me.

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